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Requirement and importance of Renewable energy resources

There is lot of importance of renewable energy resources as mentioned following

Renewable energy resources such as Sun, Wind, Tidal, Wave action, geothermal technology, hydro power and biomass all are available in nature and could be converted in to useful energy without affecting our environment.

Renewable energy resources require less time and price as compared to conventional energy resources. 

Let us discuss various aspects that shows the importance of renewable energies sources

1. Environmental benefit- as we have already discussed that renewable source of energies are not responsible to produce the carbon compounds during the generation of energy or power.

2. Energy secured from renewable sources is infinite as these sources are freely available in nature and will not run out as in case of conventional energy sources. Conventional energy sources are in finite quantities and will require a lot of time to be form and will be run out in few days.

3. Economical growth – as we are aware that renewable source of energy are much cheaper as compared to conventional sources, it is concluded that renewable source of energies will play a vital role to improve the economic condition of any country.

4. Energy security- During 1970, oil supplies were disturbed in India and India was dependent on supply of oil from foreign countries instead of reducing the consumption of such energies. Renewable sources of energies have ability to make a country self dependent in respect of energy requirement.

It was concluded by various sector energy experts that in current situation we are not using suitable percentage of available renewable -energies but also we are using very negligible percentage of the available renewable energy.

If we can use only smaller portion of available sun energy, we will have energy more than requirement to satisfy the demand of energy globally.

It must be note down that by using renewable source of energy; we are not only avoiding dependency on conventional source of energies but also we are also saving our environment for our next generation. In current situation we normally focus on energy from Sun, Wind and water. 

Development of Renewable source of energy

Renewable energy was much promoted by government of china. When renewable energy rules and regulations were passed, at the same time government of china has decided to fix a target for renewable energy production and application and government of china has decided to contribute renewable energy at least ten percentage of total consumption of energy. 

Government of china has decided to achieve this target up to year 2020. In current situation government of china is contributing renewable energy only one percentage of total energy consumption in order to fill the demand of energy in the country.

It was concluded that there will be huge demand of energy, raw materials and food in china and India due to its big population of about 2.5 billion.

These two countries, China and India, are dependent on Coal, fossil fuels to full fill the demand of energy and these two countries are using much coal and fossil fuels and contributing the carbon compounds in environment and leading to Global warming.

Let us discuss the development of Renewable energy in India

There is tremendous development in the generation of power in India. If we consider during the Independence time or approximate sixty years ago, there were installed power unit of approximate 1300 MW production capacity.

At the end of month of March-2007, total production capacity of power was 1, 44,520 MW and this production capacity were achieved through various areas such as Thermal, Nuclear and Hydro. This capacity of producing power was achieved through various funds such as Central sector, Private sectors and state sectors.

After generating this much production capacity, it was observed the power shortage of eleven percentages.

According to energy experts this shortage of power might be minimize if there is proper energy management system and approximate forty percentages of energy could be saved.

If we consider the costing of generating power of 1 MW of new production unit, it will be approximate Rs.40 million. But if same amount of money i.e. 40 million is invested in process of conservation method of energy then it can increase capacity of production by 3 MW.

In order to full fill the energy demand, it was concluded to promote the renewable energy application and this programe was handed over to Ministry of Non-Conventional Sources of energy.

Simultaneously in order to promote power production, Private sector- investments in renewable sources of energy were also increased because too much dependency on the utilization of resources of fossil-fuel such as oil & coal, in order to meet the demand of power in country, was not suitable for the long time due to finite availability of such resources of energy as well as the dangerous impact over the ecology and environment

Hence, importance was given to renewable sources of energy (RSE) not only in India but also throughout the world…

The main sectors under renewable sources of energy (RSE) are as mentioned following

Hydro Power
Wind Power
Solar Power
Bio-mass Power
Ocean energy
Energy from waste

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