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Let us discuss the application of solar energy in heating the water.

There are two processes for heating the water


In above both process there will be a flat plate collector that will absorb the energy of sun for heating the water. The water will be circulated throughout the closed system via convection currents. Hot water tanks will be utilized as storage tank.

Let us discuss first heating the water via Active system

There will be antifreeze unit in active system in order to avoid the freezing of liquid during the situation when outside temperature drops below the point of freezing. 

Heating Living Spaces via passive heating process 

We will say that building is correctly designed if it is suitable to act as a collector and storage unit for solar energy. It might be achieved via three important elements: Collection, insulation & storage. If there is suitable insulation on outside walls, Floors, roof and windows are also designed in such way that it will reduce the loss of heat.

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