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Solar energy

Solar energy created due to thermonuclear fusion reactions that occur in the sun. It must be noted that earth receives energy more than 1000 times of consumption of energy. If 140 x 140 mile parcel land in Arizona is covered via solar cells then it will have ability to full fill the electricity demand of United States. 

In United States, solar energy utilization is only one percentage of total consumed renewable energy.
Sun light indicates the complete electromagnetic -radiation or we may say visible light, ultraviolet, infrared, radio waves and x-rays.

The surface of earth, actual, receives approximates 47% of the complete solar energy that are reaching the Earth.  Hence we consider this percentage of solar energy as useful energy. Following figure shows.

A. Electromagnetic –radiation
B. Solar energy reaching earth surface
C. Compounds of solar radiation are as mentioned in figure

Advantage and disadvantage of solar energy


All radioactive polluting by-products generated due to thermo-nuclear reactions and various chemicals will not reach over the surface of earth, but also only pure radiant -energy reaches over the surface of Earth.

Solar energy that reaches the earth will be incredible.  It was concluded that approximate sunshine of 30 days reaching the Earth will have the energy equivalent to the complete planet’s fossil fuels (used and unused).

Available freely in nature without threat of being run out

Environmental friendly

Could be converted in to useful energy with little effort and little cost of operation and maintenance 


Earth surface will not receive sun shine on continuous basis because Sun will not shine continuously.
Solar energy is a source of energy of diffuse source type. Hence in order to harness the sun energy, we have to concentrate it into a quantity and then we can utilize the energy of sun in terms of electricity and heat.

Not reliable as compare to conventional sources because sun energy can only be possible to secure during day time and with condition that weather is good for sun shine.

Case study

Let us discuss some case study

University of Delaware


University of Delaware was intended to make a significant solar PV system for generating electricity, but they were restricted by the costing structure of such a big installation.

It was concluded to select standard Solar as they were offering a turnkey solution that includes design, finance, construction, maintenance & operations at a price that should be lower as compared to the current costing of electricity- rate for University of Delaware.

University of Delaware will have responsibilities for Standard Solar unit designing, installation, operation and maintenance.

A crucial challenge for this solar system project was the selection of suitable sites for installation. Field House of University of Delaware was selected for this project because field house has barrel-shaped roof and this roof was good for solar system installation.

But later some technical problems were observed during deep study about technical feasibility of the selected sites and some engineering work carried out with considering safety points and other factors.


In respect of the above mentioned challenges, Standard Solar was confident to make the vision or aim of the 2009- Class in reality by proper planning and providing the finance, suitable design, and proper execution of the process of installation.

Standard solar full fill the dream of class 2009 by providing sustainable energy at a rate which was competitive for a lot of years.


UD’s system was expected to produce around 1,035 MWh (megawatt hours) of electricity every year and it was observed great reduction in emission of carbon dioxide on annual basis. 

The reduction of emissions of carbon dioxide will be equivalent of reducing the utilization of 93,363 gallons of gasoline per year.

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