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Solar Panel: Part of the system 

As we have displayed below with solar panel converting sun light energy in to electric energy, let us consider some main components of solar panels as listed below.

Energy Source

The source of energy of a solar panel is normally a type of battery. There is huge variation in types of battery on the basis of solar panel that we are going to use. Normally battery which is used in forklifts might be suitable for these applications. 


Solar panel cell is the key component of solar panel system because this is solar cell which is used to convert the solar energy in to electrical energy and without this solar cell, it is not possible to collect or to gather the energy from sunlight and in that case there will not be any use of solar panel. 

Material which is used to make the solar panel is basically silicone and each & every cell collects some specific energy from sun light and converts in to electric energy.


Converter is also known as an inverter. Inverter converts solar energy in to actual energy of electricity with the help of power collected from solar panel cells. It also maximizes the output of the system. 

As we know that all appliances utilize alternating current and energy accumulated by solar panel will be in the form of direct current and in that case inverter help to convert direct current in to alternating current. Without the use of inverter, we may collect solar energy but we may not be able to utilize this energy.

After the complete design and installation of solar panel, it must be note down to carry out the proper preventive maintenance plan and execution for each component of solar panel. 

Solar controller

Solar controller is basically works as safety guard for battery from being discharged or overcharged by solar panel.


Main function of battery is to store the energy which is produced from solar panels in the form of chemical for later applications. There are various types of batteries and their efficiency will also be different and solar panels efficiency will also be different on the basis of types of batteries used. 

Photo voltaic modules will have approximate 25-30 years of life span. The life-time of other components may vary between 20-30 years. 

In Texas, the price per kwh texas for solar energy can be challenging to afford in some areas. However, the overall availability and adoption of solar energy in Texas continues to grow, making it a viable option for many residents.

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