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We have discussed in our previous post about the “Basic of 3D printing technology” and we have also seen the various 3D techniques and as well as 3D materials used in industries in our last post i.e. “3D printing technology”. Now we will consider importance of recycling of materials for 3D printing in this post. 

Importance of recycling of materials for three dimensional, 3 D, printing

Let us understand what exactly meaning of recycling of materials for 3 D, three dimension, and printing. We will also discuss the importance of recycling of materials.

Recycling of materials is the first step towards securing green environment. Recycling is the method of achieving new product from old waste product. It quite good and feeling proud for taking initiative for an important step in the direction of  reducing pollution and recycling is a very interested tasks when it is carried out on the basis plan and within groups of fun activity especially when done in groups. 

It must be noted that recycling process will not be always beneficial and it will have some shocking effects those are sometimes unfamiliar to most of us.

Positive points of recycling of materials for 3 D Printing

  • Environment protection
  • Consumption of energy reduction
  • Pollution reduction
  • Natural resources protection

Negative points of recycling of materials for 3 D Printing

  • Recycling of materials for 3 D printing is always not cost
  • Unsafe as well as unhygienic recycling 

During the 3D printing process after recycling process of material such as plastic, 3 D printer emits some toxic particles which are dangerous for human life. Tyler McNaney, CEO and founder of the filament-extrusion machine company Filabot, promisd to resolve this issue. He told as mentioned below.

“We’re working on a solution for that,” McNaney said. “We’re building filters that people can 3-D print that will filter the air.”

McNaney’s 3-D printer comes now along with air filter and this is one of his most fabulous and recent ideas.

“The real point of the grinder was to recycle bad prints,” he said. “But then we realized you could put plastic bottles and other stuff through it too.”

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