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We have discussed in our previous post about the "Basic of 3D printing technology" and now we will consider the techniques used for 3D printing and simultaneously we will also see the materials used for 3D printing.

Let us discuss about the 3D printing technology currently used in industries and these are as mentioned below.

3 D Techniques 

Following 3 D techniques are used as mentioned below
  1. Additive Manufacturing
  2. Molten Polymer Deposition
  3. Digital Fabrication
  4. Photo polymerization
  5. Granular Material Binding
Let us discuss the materials used for 3D printing technology 
  1. Plastics: ABS, Acrylic and PLA
  2. Metal: Stainless steel, sterling water
  3. Glass
  4. Resin
  5. Ceramics
  6. Sandstone
  7. Rubber

From above figure, we will have an idea of 3 D printing with recycling of materials. We used to discuss a lot over the topic 3 D printing, because three dimensional or 3 D printing technologies is such an advanced and cool technology and we will secure result are always honestly awesome. 

We have seen a 3 D printer which is made by, LEGO pieces, and that 3 D printer was able to print artificial blood- vessels.

According to Neri Oxman who is Director of the Mediated Matter Group at the MIT Media Lab, 3 D printing was invented at MIT around 20 years before. The Institute has long been striving to create 3 D printing concepts that bring the industrial world together with the natural world. According to Oxman, the MMG’s goal is the exploration of digital fabrication inspired by nature and created with efficiency in mind.

Oxman and her technical team are looking at making concrete along with extruder heads, only much more efficiently by controlling the density at every stage.

Concrete, produced just like our own human bones, are formed, with very dense and strong outer layers, but a less dense middle, is very strong while remaining lightweight.

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