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Even this website is completely based on the engineering and its applications, but I have made one section for general topics where I can share my personal experience about my life, health topics, online work topics etc.

I am sure you will be interested to work on internet during your free time and to earn additional money. So if you are really serious and interested, you must have to read this article thoroughly as this article will guide you how to start a work with internet that really pay you for your smart work.

Today I am interested to share one my experience about one online work which is really appreciating and good as I feel.

Internet is a place where you can buy, sell, earn, provide your skills, advertise your business and the most important is that you can do with your spare time. There are lacks of persons those are searching each day over internet for real online work and for making real money, but there are few online work are goods and few frauds also. 

There is a solution for everything but you need to find that solution and for that you will have to search over internet, in books and also you will have to discuss with your colleagues.

Lets us see some real and good online work such as mentioned below

  1. Online tutoring : Tutor vista and other online tutoring organization such as Transweb Eductaion Services
  2. Blogging : Creating one blog and applying Google adsense
  3. Freelance writing
  4. Publishing online books
Let me tell you about Transweb Education Services, This is basically one e-learning and e-education system. This is one organization where you will secure quality solutions of your assignment if you are joining as student or learner. If you want additional income, in that case you will have to join Transweb Education Services as an expert.

What are the requirements to be an expert and to work for Transweb education services?
You must have following quality and accessories to work with Transweb Education services as an expert.
  1. Good subject knowledge, for which you are going to work as an expert. Subject might be anything such as Physics, Chemistry, Math, Economics, Engineering (Various Engineering streams), Business and arts etc.
  2. You must have honesty and loyalty with your work, as the work quality of Transweb Education Services depends on your work quality. You must have to deliver the quality solution of each assignment within given deadline, which will be given by Transweb education services to you to compete.
  3. You must have computer with internet connection.

How you will be an expert of Transweb education services?

Transweb Education services need an expert who have good subject knowledge and skills and that’s why you will have to go through one online or offline interview. Interview will be based on the subject about whom you are willing to work as an expert. 

Once you cleared the interview phase, you will be given one tutor id and you will have to go through one training sessions where you will come to know how you will have to work.

I am sure; you will have one question about the payment. So let me clear you, this organisation, Transweb education Services Pvt. Limited, is very strict and disciplined in terms of payment. They will pay you once in a month without failure. This payment will also be legal as they will pay you after deducting the TDS taxes.

In my next post "HOW TO START A BLOG AND EARN MONEY", we will see the concept of Blogging and we will discuss how to start blogging and earning.

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