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We have already discussed the Hydraulic Accumulator and its operating mechanism. Today we need to understand, why we need hydraulic accumulator in our hydraulic circuit ? 

So let’s see the need of accumulators by studying the applications of hydraulic accumulators in hydraulic system.

Provides the emergency Power

Hydraulic accumulator, fully charged, in our hydraulic circuit will be able to provide sufficient pressure as well as flow in order to complete the cycle or to position the actuators in a case when any electric failure occur.

Works as energy storage device

Hydraulic accumulator will store energy by taking a specified quantity of fluid under pressure and will release the pressure energy when there will be requirement to perform a task in hydraulic system.

Fluid Leakage compensation

As we are aware that in hydraulic system, there are lots of possibilities of internal leakage in various valves and in actuators also. Accumulators will make-up the lost fluid due to fluid leakage.

 Holds the pressure

Accumulator will hold the pressure in hydraulic circuit, where actuators are used for performing a particular function, during unloading or stopping of pump.

Reduces the line shock

Hydraulic accumulators will also reduce the line shock especially at the discharge of pulsating piston pump and also reduce shock in a line of having high velocity flow.

Avoiding cavitation in pump

Hydraulic accumulators are somewhere also used in order to avoid the cavitation in pump and for this task, accumulators will be located at the inlet of pump.

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Reducing the noise level

Hydraulic accumulators are also used in order to reduce the noise in hydraulic system which is basically produced due to complexities of circuit, relief valves and piston pump.

Supplementing the pump flow

As we are aware that some hydraulic systems require large volume of oil for a short period of time and after that hydraulic system require no additional oil for a period of time. 

Accumulator will be used in such cases for supplement the fluid flow of pump and hence accumulators could be used for reducing the pump size and motor size.

There are some more applications of hydraulic accumulators such as
  1. Compensating the contraction and expansion due to temperature
  2. Reducing the Response time

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