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Hello once again!!!

Today we will discuss about conveyor belt vulcanization, before starting the main subject of this post, I want to share something.

One day me and my friend were assigned for conveyor belt hot vulcanizing, I had observed the whole process of conveyor belt hot vulcanizing and based on that experience, I am going to start the main subject without wasting your time...

We will cover here the required tools, equipments and other conditions those are necessary for executing the Conveyor Belts hot Splicing and Vulcanizing. In my next post, I will update the step by step process for executing the complete process of hot vulcanization of conveyor belt

So let us consider, what are the tools, equipment and other favorable conditions those are much important for a reliable and efficient hot vulcanization of conveyor belt. For your convenience, I am thinking to upload image for each tool and equipment.

Resources: Tools and devices

We must understand the required resources (tools and devices) for executing the hot vulcanizing of conveyor belt.

Belt Clamps

Cable and grip puller

Heavy duty C-clamps

Screw clamps

Vulcanizing press

Safety Glasses

Measuring tape

Plumb line

Angle square

Claw hammer

Marking pencil or chalk

Smooth flat face roller

Corrugated face stitcher

Duplex belt nails

Electric stripping cable winch


Hand Dust Brush

Rotary Wire Brush
Grinding machine and polishing wheel 


Ply Lifter

Insulating and sealing compound

Offset Knife
Rubber Knife
Bevel Point Knife
Curve V-Trim Knife
Mill Knife Handle
Replacement Blades for 18mm Cutter

Heavy Duty Bent Handle Scissors

Favorable condition for efficient hot vulcanization

If we want to secure high reliability and productivity from hot vulcanization of conveyor belt, we will have to secure first completely neat and clean work site. 

We should be aware about careful applications of above mentioned resources as it is very important from safety point of view and also for reliability and efficiency of hot vulcanization.

Conveyor belt surface must be dry as well as clean also for vulcanization process, hence we must have to clean and make dry the surface of conveyor belt by removing any unwanted substances such as grease, oil, dust or water by recommended solutions. 

Temperature of environment must be in the range of 10 to 45 degree Celsius for desired service life of hot vulcanization of conveyor belt.

Now we will go ahead towards next post where we will come to know the process of hot vulcanization of conveyor belt with step by step solutions. 

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