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Hold back or Backstop

Hold back or backstop is basically used in case of inclined conveyor system to avoid the reverse motion of conveyor or we may easily say that hold back is used in conveyor for providing the motion only in forward direction.

Each component of conveyor such as bearings, fluid coupling, gearbox, scraper, pulley and electric motor will always be in operation during operation of conveyor belt or we can say that we are continuously securing output from above mentioned parts of conveyor belt as all mentioned parts are in working condition not in ideal condition during the operation of conveyor belt.

Now think for hold back!!!

Hold back will not be in operation for most of the time, hold back only comes in to the picture if any mechanical failure or electric failure occurs and conveyor belt tends to move in reverse direction. Hold back will restrict the reverse movement of conveyors. 

Hold back is used normally for inclined conveyor system. We must have the awareness of importance of hold back and we will have to select the hold back of right quality without compromising with its specifications and materials.

We will try to understand here the Hold back principles, types and its applications further .................

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