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Ladle Refining Furnaces are basically used for refining the molten metal and we must note it that this is the best technology for manufacturing the alloy steel. Ladle Refining Furnaces are applied for de-sulphurising the molten metal and also for removing the impurities from molten metal. 

Ladle refining furnace holds the liquid metal for process of casting. Before Ladle Refining treatment there will be melting process which could be processed either in electric arc furnace or in the Induction Melting Furnaces. 

In absence of LRFs, There will be requirement of higher tapping temperatures from steel melting or steel making furnaces. Now questions are generally being asked why so much tapping temperature are required? 

This is only because there will be loss in heat during travelling of liquid metal and during casting process also. LRF helps for better productive time for melting furnace as well as also producing much better quality of steel even at lower budget. 

In case of ladle furnace, there will be one stand which is known as ladle stand and ladle filled with liquid metal will be placed over ladle stand under one cover, this cover will be provided along with 3 graphite electrodes and this graphite electrode will be connected with a transformer of 3 phase type. 

Ladle bottom portion will have refractory (porous) plug and there will be one provision of argon supply also at the ladle –furnace (LF) stand. 

For environmental safety point of view, there will be one hood cover which will be water cooled and will be connected with dust collection system. This hood cover will suck the fumes of ladle refining furnaces and will send to dust collection system after cooling during its runway. 

There will be formation of one layer of desulfurizing slag over molten metal and the graphite electrodes will be submerged in this desulfurizing slag for protecting the lining of ladle because due to overheating of lining by the process of electric arc, ladle lining used to wear rapidly. 
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The process of addition of alloying elements might be done via addition hopper.

Advantage of Ladle Refining Furnace

  1. Efficient desulfurization
  2. Reheating process will be under controlled 
  3. Temperature and chemical homogenizing;
  4. Easily removal if there is any metal inclusion 
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