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Before starting to discuss the steps that we have to follow for designing and analyzing a project, we must understand what we will gain more after reading this post.

During this post, we will come to know the following points and we will have to learn a lot of thing as mentioned below

1.    Planning: we will have to learn how to plan to complete a task, as a good planning can save our time as well as cost also and a good planning will provide the ability to us to increase the efficiency of organization.
2.    Research: we will have to learn how to think deeply about a task, what points we have to consider and what points those are affecting the performance.
3.    How we will have to interact with other section or departments.
4.    How we will have to minimize the idle time and how we can increase the performance.
5.    How we will have to work in a system and what organization requires form their members.
6.    How we will have to prepare the memo, letter, history book or records etc.
7.    How we will have to take decision in crucial time.
8.    How we will have to represent our thoughts.
9.    We can learn that standard SOP of every field of respective engineering
10. We can learn that what type of works and steps are needed to start a project

Design & Analysis Skills

During the project design we have to know the below mentioned points
1.    Identification of problems
2.    Research
3.    Specification analysis
4.    Generation of concept
5.    Design steps
6.    Integration of system
7.    Maintenance steps 

We will consider one problem and we will see how we should go ahead for securing the solutions. Identification of problem is very important in designing and analyzing. We can only understand the concept behind Project design and analysis if we consider one simple problem.

So let us start to understand this post in details 

Problem statement

A traffic intersection on a college campus becomes congested during the period between classes with both vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

So we require a project to carry out in order to reduce the traffic congestion for the time between classes.

This project was required to help the students to reach the school on time or we may say we have to secure a system that can help student to reach school on time and this could be done once we may reduce the traffic congestion for the time between classes.

Alternative of design

We have two option of design a project to reduce this problem

Fly over Bridges:
we may carried out a project to build up the fly over bridge for walkers and small vehicles like for two wheeler , after building this project we may reduce the traffic jam problem and student may reach school on time and this will be helpful for student as they will feel comfortable to go to school

One project will also be possible where we may provide train facility for twenty four hours for the campus of school, but if we consider it will be costly but safer by environment point of view as compared to making Flyover Bridge.

Technical analysis

Now we have two design options as mentioned above, we have to analysis for both from every point of view, like
1.    Cost point of view
2.    Safety point of view
3.    Project completion time point of view
4.    Maintenance point of view
5.    Human Comfort point of view 

Cost analysis

If we will consider total costing for each project mentioned above, we will come to know that trains facility will be costly as compared to Flyover Bridge as for trains facility we have to calculate cost for following points
1.    Cost of laying rail track
2.    Cost of employee to operate this system
3.    Cost of maintenance (civil, Electrical & mechanical)
4.    Cost of stock items for maintenance of this system
5.    Cost of building platform for every campus

Analysis -Safety point of view

In above two design option, flyover bridges will be safer as in train facility there will be chance of accident during intersections.
But by environment point of view, train facility will be safer as compared to flyover bridges

Analysis -Project completion time point of view

Train facility provision project will consume much more time as compared to flyover bridge option

Analysis -Maintenance point of view 

If we consider maintenance point of view, train facility project will require much more maintenance as compared to other alternative of design Flyover Bridge

Analysis -Human Comfort point of view

If we consider which design option will be more comfortable to students then it will be train facility provision project as student may reach to campus shortly as compared to travelling over flyover bridges. 

Let us see 

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