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3 D printing is also known as Additive manufacturing which is basically a procedure for creating a three dimensional -solid object of nearly any type of shape with the help of/from a digital model. 3 D- printing is accomplished with the help of a process where consecutive films of material are arranged down in various shapes. 

3 D printing is also treated different from process of machining of traditional techniques. Traditional techniques normally depend on the material removal by process of drilling or cutting.

3 D printing process is limited type of industrial robot which has capability for carrying out an additive process with the help of computer control.

3 D printing is a new upcoming technology that is based on additive manufacturing, meaning that products are created by adding layers of material one over the other. This technology allows quick and cheap manufacturing in unlimited number of designs and shapes. 

Furthermore, it is not only suitable for mass-production but also for personal use. However, being used so widely 3 D printing technologies is producing far too much plastic rubbish. 

Consequently, it is of vital importance for a way to recycle the plastic waste that 3d printing creates to be found, so as the technology to be beneficial not only for humans but also for the environment. 

ABS- Recycling current 3 D printing- materials

ABS is one out of the most commonly used 3 D printing materials throughout the world. It is normally used in the Maker bots, Rep Raps and in fact by the researcher of the Fused Deposition Modeling process Stratasys.

While ABS is prepared by oil as well as lots of complicated chemicals and it must be noted down that this material is recyclable. That is really interested news for engineering professional and it looks like it cloud scale along with the development of 3D printing.

Whether printing is done with ink and paper cartridges or in three dimensional printing 3D, printing could be tough on our environment, atmosphere and natural resources. It is very popular, in the area of laser and inkjet printer, to take eco- friendly i.e. environmental friendly re-manufactured printer cartridges and contributing for green environment. 

Hence we are now familiar that our new version of technology for printing i.e. 3 D printing is also started to contribute to make the green environment, now these days experts are looking for better ways to recycle 3 D printing materials and they are trying to make 3 D printers quite environmental friendly as well as more sustainable.

Even technology of 3 D printing has been in consideration since the year of 1980; but up to year of 2010 this type of printers was not available easily but not these days this type of printing technology is preferred widely.

If we go in history of this 3 D printing technology, we will be able to know that the first working 3 D -printer was made in the year of 1984 by Chuck Hull of 3 D Systems Corp. At the starting of the century of 21st, it was observed a huge growth in the marketing and sales of these machines and hence price of these machines was dropped quite lower.

According to one consultancy known as Wohlers Associates, the market for 3 D -printers and services was account $2.2 billion throughout the world in 2012, which is 29% higher from 2011.

The 3 D printing techniques are used for both prototyping as well as for distributed manufacturing along with applications in constructions, architecture, industrial design, aerospace ,automotive, military, various engineering such as civil engineering and mechanical engineering, medical technology , dental techniques and biotech (human tissue replacement),footwear, fashion, jewelry, educations ,eye wear, food technology , geographic information systems and various other areas. 

One study was carried out and observed that open source 3 D- printing might become a huge market items because of domestic 3 D- printers may offset their costs by facilitating the consumers/customers to avoid costs combined with purchasing the common household goods.

3 D-printers utilizes collections of very various types of additive manufacturing technologies, but it must be noted that there will be one important thing that will be common and that common point: they will produce a three- dimensional object with the help of building it by consecutive layers, until the whole object is complete.

3 D printing technology is a very quickly- expanding areas, it is observed that popularity and application of 3 D printing technology growing on daily basis.  3 D printing technology could be used for prototyping, creating replacement- parts.  

It will have a huge impact throughout the world because lot of people will be able to feel the importance of these amazing 3 D printing techniques.

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