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We were discussing the basic difference between orifice and mouthpiece and also the classification of orifices and mouthpieces in the subject of fluid mechanics, in our recent posts. Now we will go ahead to find out the various advantages and disadvantages of orifices. 

First we will see here the advantages and disadvantages of orifices and after that we will see the expression for flow through an orifice in our next post. So let us come to the main topic, without wasting your time. 

Advantage of orifices

  • Orifices are small plates and easy to install and uninstall
  • Orifices are relatively inexpensive
  • Orifices are usually thin enough to fit between an existing pair of pipe flanges
  • Maintenance of orifice is quite easy and hence they are easy to maintain
  • Orifice offers very less drop of pressure
  • Design and construction of orifice will be very simple
  • Orifices are suitable for most of liquids and gases
  • Change of price of orifice will not be changed dramatically with change in size of orifice
  • Orifices are capable to determine a wide range of flow rates 

Disadvantage of orifices

  • Orifice meter require homogeneous fluid
  • Orifice meter require single phase of liquid
  • There will be a pressure drop in fluid also in case of orifice operation
  • Accuracy of orifice meter will be affected by the density, pressure and viscosity of fluid
  • Orifice meter will require axial velocity vector flow
  • Measuring range of orifice meter will be affected by fluid viscosity
  • Orifice meter will require straight pipe in order to ensure the precision and accuracy
  • There will be wear and tear at the edge of orifice plate and therefore sharpness of the edge of orifice will be worn out after continuous application and therefore there will be error in calibration
  • There will be considerable loss in the efficiency of the pumping system due to the pressure loss downstream of the plate 

Image : Orifice plate 

We will see the expression for flow through an orifice in our next post. 

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Fluid Mechanics, By R. K. Bansal

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