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Today we will start here one more very important topic of strength of material and that is “springs” with the help of this post. We will first see here the basic definition of a spring and also various types of springs that are usually used. Further, we will derive the expression for stresses and also deflections developed in various types of springs.

Let us go ahead step by step for easy understanding, however if there is any issue we can discuss it in comment box which is provided below this post.

So, what is a spring?

Spring is basically defined as the elastic element which is basically used for absorbing the energy due to resilience and this absorbed energy may be released as and when required.

Let us consider one example for better understanding of function of spring of storing energy. We have seen so much toys in our childhood, where there will be a spring installed inside the drive mechanism of toy and there will be one key. 

In order to operate the toy, we used to rotate the key and by doing so energy will be stored by the spring. Once we will leave the key, toy will be operated because of releasing of stored energy.

Therefore, we can say that springs are used for absorbing the energy in various engineering applications and this absorbed energy may be released as and when required.

Spring will be deformed when load will be applied over the spring and once load will be removed, spring will secure its original size and shape.

We can also define the spring as an elastic element which is used for securing the flexible joint between two parts. There are various engineering applications, where it is very much needed to absorb the energy of sudden applied load or impact load and that requirement will be fulfilled by using the springs.

Hence we can say that springs might be used to secure the flexible joint between two parts.

A spring having ability to store maximum amount of energy for given value of stress without any permanent deformation will be considered as best spring.

Types of springs

There are basically three types of springs those are usually used in various engineering applications and these are as mentioned here

1. Helical springs
2. Laminated springs or leaf springs
3. Flat spiral spring

We will discuss each type of spring in detail in our next post with determination of stresses and also calculations of deflections developed.

Applications of springs

There are huge engineering applications of springs and we can see its applications almost everywhere in our engineering life such as road vehicles, Railway wagons, toys, watches, cranes etc.

We will now go ahead to understand the basic concept of spring index in our next post and further we will find out the various terminologies used in springs and finally we will figure out the stresses and deflections too for each type of spring.

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Strength of material, By R. K. Bansal
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