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We were discussing “Hydraulic flow control valves” in our previous post, where we have seen the basic concept and application concept of flow control valves in hydraulic units. We have also seen the pressure compensated flow control valve and non-pressure compensated flow control valve in our previous posts.

Today we will concentrate here the gate valve with the help of this post.  Gate valve is basically used in fluid pipelines for controlling the flow of fluid. There will be one gate or wedge in gate valve and it will control the fluid flow. Shape of gate or wedge of gate valve will be a type of flat circular plate or rectangular plate. Sometimes, gate or wedge is also termed as disc of gate valve.

There will be one handle wheel, as shown in figure, with valve which is used to open and close the gate valve. When handle wheel will be rotated, it will move the gate or wedge in upward or downward direction across the line of fluid flow.
Gate Valve
We can see here the figure of a gate valve, where we will come to know that there will be two section of gate valve. Bottom section will be connected with the inlet line and outlet line with the help of flanges and upper section of gate valve will consist with the gate and steam. Handle wheel and gate will be attached with this stem with the help of pin assemble or screw assemble.

Working mechanism of a gate valve

Working of gate valve is displayed here in following figure. When handle wheel will be rotated in clockwise direction, steam and gate will move in downward direction across the fluid flow line and gate will be tightly located between the two seats. Hence there will not be any leakage of fluid through the valve once valve is closed completely.
Working of gate valve
When handle wheel will be rotated in anti-clockwise direction, steam and gate will move in upward direction across the fluid flow line and valve will be opened from closed position and will permit the flow of fluid through the gate valve. Once gate valve is completely opened, it will permit no resistance or very little resistance to the flow of fluid.

We can use gate valve in semi-open condition also but there will be one issue of erosion of gate as fluid will strike the gate if valve is partially open. Therefore gate valve should be used in completely closed or completely open condition.

We will discuss Globe valve working principle in our next post.

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