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We have seen “Objective of total productive maintenance” in our last post, where we have discussed each and every step and topic in respect of productive and reliable process of maintenance.
We have seen the various objectives of TPM in our last post, now it’s time to consider that why we need to implement TPM in our organization.

In current environment of highly competitive markets, each industry is considering to be a world class organization by accepting new technology and management approaches. TPM has been approved as the most popular and successful tool for continuous improvement in productivity of organization.

Why we should implement TPM in our organization????

Normally these questions are generally being asked by lots of engineering professional. so let us consider that what actual benefits we are going to achieve by implementing in our organization.

Operation Benefit

Case study shows that there is approximate 50 to 80 % increase in rate of production 

Maintenance benefit 

Case study shows that there is approximate 50 to 80 % decrease in breakdown 

Inventory Benefit 

Case study shows that there is approximate 50 % decrease in levels in inventory 

Quality Benefit 

Case study shows that there is approximate 50 to 100 % decrease in defects

Cost Benefit 

Case study shows that there is approximate, 30 % decrease in energy cost and 30 % in maintenance cost and 50 % decrease in manpower cost also.

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Hence, it is very important to consider the importance of TPM; however there are so many others tools as mentioned below and most of company are using following tools for being world class organization.
  1. Total Employee Involvement: TEI
  2. Just In Time: JIT
  3. Computer integrated manufacturing: CIM
  4. Total Quality control: TQC
But in my point of view, without implementing TPM, we could never be an organization with world class status.
So, we have discussed the meaning of TPM and objective of TPM in details, in our next post we will see more about the TPM.

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