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As we have discussed in our previous post about the “Corrosion Engineering” where we have seen the basic of corrosion mechanism, we have also discussed the engineering materials that may suffer from corrosion in our previous post “corrosion failure examples” and “corrosion measurement techniques”.

Let us go ahead with new post in respect of corrosion engineering, where we will see the basic Problems caused by corrosion.

Let us understand the problem caused by effect of corrosion

Reduced strength

Due to effect of corrosion , metal strength will be reduced and if care to reduce the effect of corrosion will not be given to the concern component, metal will be sheared or cracked as strength of metal will be reduced due to the effect of corrosion.

Downtime of machinery

As we have discussed above corrosion effect will reduce the strength of material and hence machine availability will also be reduced due to unwanted breakdown of machine components.

Additional Cost

If we consider the additional cost that occur to operate a machine which components are corroded, we will have very surprising information. Suppose we have hydraulic system and our hydraulic pump is failed due to effect of corrosion, we will have to replace the pump, oil and other accessories and this is just because of corrosion which might be due to knocking and pitting action of corrosion.

If a hose swell nut is also damaged due to corrosion and we are observing hydraulic oil leak then in that situation we will loss hydraulic oil which will be quite costly, hence corrosion effect over machine component will be quite enough therefore we need to avoid the reason of corrosion or we need to control the corrosion effect by using the corrosion controlling techniques that we will discuss later.

Other effect or problems caused due to corrosion
  1. Escape of fluids
  2. Lost surface properties
  3. Reduced value of good
I will update this article soon..

Let us go to the next post in respect of corrosion engineering "Different forms of corrosion"


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