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There are some basic Mechanical properties 


Capacity to resist force or pressure


Its material’s ability to be deformed or to be stretched under the action of tensile load 


The amount of energy stored in a material per unit volume up to fracture point.


Resistance of material against indentation, penetration, scratching & wear


Ability of material to resist deformation

Elastic modulus

Ratio of stress to strain

Impact strength

Ability of material to withstand against impact or sudden load and it will be given in the form of energy.

Strain hardening

Strengthen of metal by plastic deformation which is also considered as work hardening.


These materials have very little deformation before fracture.

Poisson ratio

Ratio of lateral to longitudinal strain


Malleability is basically defined as the ability of a material to be converted in to sheet under the action of compressive load.

Stress –strain diagram

Point A – It is proportionality limit; up to this point hooks law will be followed. 
Point B – Elastic limit, up to this point the deformation will be elastic.
Point C – Ultimate stress, it is the maximum value of stress in stress – strain diagram.
Point D-  It is the fracture point, up to this point the material will have only elastic & plastic deformation ,but at this point fracture or rupture take place.

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