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During this period I jointed with many groups in Maintenance Division and I saw many pumps in each area of the plant. I learn to do the different Type of maintenance on each pump. 

Also, I attended and share Overhauling group in overhauling some pumps such as: fire pump, boiler circulating pump and anti foams pump and I am producing over here the experience of maintenance of anti-foam dosing pump.

Anti - foam dosing pump

The type of anti-foam pump is positive displacement reciprocating pumps (single diaphragm metering pump) driven by a 0.2 kW electric drive motor. The pump shaft is connected to the drive motor by a flexible coupling.

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Disassembled the liquid line and followed this procedure:
  1. Unbolt the pump suction and discharge flanges.
  2. Remove the gland cover.
  3. Disconnect the packing flushing water line.
  4. Remove gasket.

Inspection after Disassembly

  1. Visual inspection of all liquid end components for damage and excessive wear (erosion, corrosion and cracks)
  2. Remove residue from all gasket surfaces.
  3. Inspect the ball valve cartridges for evidence of corrosion and damage and replace if necessary.
  4. Inspect the lantern ring for damage.
  5. Clean the stuffing box thoroughly.
  6. Visually inspect the plunger for damage.
  7. Measure the diameter of it at several locations in packing wear area, if diameter less than 39.9 mm the plunger should be replaced.
  8. Visual inspects sleeves for damage or excessive wear.
  9. Measure inside and outside diameter of sleeves at several locations, if the clearances are exceeds 0.128 mm the sleeve should be replaced.
  10. Clean bearings components with cleaning fluid and rags.


  1. Remove every flaw by lapping the flawed surface with an oil stone.
  2. Remove completely stains, dust and other foreign object from the fit-in parts.
  3. Upon completion of the above steps, check for smooth running of pump.
In this report, the classifications of pumps are minced in detail with basic definition for each type. After that, Qurayyah Power Plant pumps and especially some pumps of them are recorded in this report and a overview of each pump is given.

After that, I took about the tasks which I finished in the pumps during the co-op program period. Finally, failure inspection and discussion for failure of Condenser Air Extraction Pump is given.

Let us see 
Kinetic and positive displacement pump

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