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As we know that our energy demand increases on daily basis in worldwide and there is limitation of fossil fuel, coke, and some other important component of energy management system. In order to meet the growing requirement, we need to use energy secure from renewable types of sources such as from sun, wind, hydra or water.

We have also discussed “Solar Power air compressor” Today we will understand the wind power and wind power unit

Introduction of Wind power

Wind power is type of renewable source of energy and power .As name indicates, power will be taken from Wind.
So important thing is to know that what causes the wind – we can say that Due to difference in atmospheric pressure, because flow of fluid takes place due to the pressure differences.Variation in atmospheric pressure will be due to heating and cooling of air.

Wind power unit receives it input power by converting the wind force in to the torque and hence rotor blades rotate.

Let’s consider the power that can be taken
P = kinetic energy / time = [½ x mass x (velocity) 2]/ time
Mass/ time = density x area x velocity = ρ x A x V
P = (ρ A V3)/2

We can say power obtained from wind depends on
  1. Density of air
  2. Rotor area
  3. Wind speed

Wind power unit

Wind power unit consist the following main components
  1. Gear box
  2. Brake
  3. Generator
  4. Rotor blade and its hub
  5. Shafts
  6. Housing and tower
  7. High speed shaft
  8. Electrical panel
Wind power unit

Advantages of Wind Power

There is lot of advantage of wind power
  1. Renewable Energy: Wind energy is renewable source of energy means it can be use again and again.
  2. Wind power can reduce the consumption of fossil fuels. Consumption of fossil fuels or we can say that burning of fossil fuels causes the excessive heating of earth. Wind power utilization across the world can reduce the excessive heating of earth.
  3. We can obtain wind free of cast and we can capture wind with the help of modern technology without facing any problem.
  4. Areas those are not connected by electricity power grid can also use wind power unit to produce electricity.
  5. Main advantage of using wind power unit is green power generation unit .wind power unit will not produce pollution as in case of thermal power generation unit.
  6. Wind power form of energy will be available till Sun is available.
  7. It does not affect the environment.
  8. It will not produce harmful gases.
  9. Wind power is cheaper as compared to solar power.
  10. It is also called as nature friendly.
  11. It does not contribute to global warming.

Disadvantages of Wind Power

  1. Wind power turbine creates lot of noise, so wind power unit could not be installed near residential areas.
  2. Problem for wild life – large scale construction of wind turbine will affect the wild life like for birds
  3. Before installation of wind turbine, companies determine a lot of data like Power curve, wind turbine layout, wind speed, thrust curve.
  4. Areas where wind speed is low and wind strength is also low, will not be suitable for wind power unit. in those areas solar energy will be useful.
  5. Wind power can affect the National security .Wind power unit causes holes in RADAR coverage as the blades on the turbines disturb the system.
  6.  Idle location for wind power unit will be costly. Its maintenance cost is also high
  7.  Wind power unit produces low energy output .if a wind power firm has a largest turbine and runs at full speed then it will provide the power to 475 homes
  8.  Wind power firm can also affect the television reception.
  9.  As we know that wind is unpredictable or we can say that wind strength may vary so the production of energy through wind power unit will not be same for all time but also it will also variable as it depends on the speed and density of wind.
  10. Every company those are interested to build a wind power unit has to do lot of practice on following points.
  • What will be the wind speed?
  • What capacity of turbine should be used?
  • What type of government regulations and permits are required
  • There are any residential areas nearby site or not
  • What procedures should be adopted to secure the nearest electricity grid?
  • How wind energy will be captured.
  • Wind power unit faces problems of investment because investor is uninformed about the potential profit and benefit of long term investment in wind power producing firms

Let us go to next post “Global Wind Energy Potential” 

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