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We have seen in our last post about the manufacturing of “Direct reduced iron i.e. D R I

Let us understand, how Hot Briquetted Iron is made?

As per the International Iron Metallics Association, “HBI also known as hot Briquetted Iron is another form of Direct Reduced Iron that will be compacted on temperature more than 650° C during the time of compaction and will have density more than 5000 kgs per meter cube i.e. 5000 kg/m3.

We know very well that direct reduced iron i.e. DRI is basically metallic type of material which is produced from fines of iron- oxide or pellets iron oxide & lump ores that will be reduced before reaching the iron melting point. 

Hot Briquetted Iron is basically a premium quality as well as higher density steel industries raw material consisting 90 to 94% iron (Fe) in a quite pure form and these are used in electric arc furnace EAF, basic oxygen furnace BOF for steelmaking and blast furnace BF for iron making & other various applications in foundries areas.

HBI Use in EAFs

There are following advantageous of using HBI for the EAF operator

  1. Well specified chemical- composition
  2. Well specified physical characteristics
  3. Could be used in case of both short and long arc furnaces
  4. Could be used in case of both AC as well as DC furnaces
  5. Lesser residual constituent as compared to scrap
  6. Could be stored in bulk at outdoors
  7. Could be used in continuous feeding operations
  8. Easily transported with the help of conveyor belts
  9. Free flow from bins
  10. Controlled on quantity of carbon is quite easy  
Let us go ahead towards next blog of manufacturing process of “Manufacturing steel billets

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