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Common causes of in-service failure for E.O.T Crane wheel

There is mainly three cause of failure
  1. Design problems
  2. Welding defects
  3. Service condition and way of using 

Design problems

Fracture due to design problem can be seen in overloading that will produce the overstress in the components 

Welding defects

There are some welding defects such as
  1. Porosity
  2. Inclusion
  3. Cracking
  4. Undercutting
  5. Lamellar tearing 

Failure due to inappropriate maintenance

Maintenance indicates the following tasks as following 
  1. Servicing
  2. Repairing
  3. Routine inspection
  4. Replacement
  5. Required up gradation or modification

There are several types of maintenance such as planned maintenance or preventive maintenance, Breakdown maintenance. Inappropriate maintenance indicates the following points.
  1. Routine inspection of healthiness of machines is not suitable
  2. There is no preventive maintenance
  3. There is no planning of maintenance 
  4. There is no planning of spare management

Failure due to inappropriate use

Inappropriate use indicates that equipment's are not using as per the manufacturer guidelines and manuals. There are some points by which we could understand the inappropriate use and these are as mentioned here.
  1. Equipment's are used over the capacity
  2. Equipment's are used even there were some problems in its components that will lead to major breakdown.
  3. Equipment's are used over the design pressure and temperature 

Failure due to faults in manufacture 

Failure due to faults in manufacture could be seen and understand by following points.
  1. Design of components is not suitable
  2. Material selections are not proper
  3. Manufacturing process are not suitable 
  4. Tough to carry out the maintenance activities
  5. There were some components that are Unreachable and could not seen by maintenance team about its operation.
  6. Not design as per the layout 
  7. Not design as per the requirement of work
  8. Components used under quality and capacity
  9. No provision for safety 
  10. No provision for conditional monitoring such as pressure gauge, oil gauge & temperature gauge 

Failure due to changes in service condition

Changes in service condition can lead the failure of the equipment 


Normally we have seen that frequency of failure will be more in summer days due to over temperature of environment or surrounding areas. Due to increase in temperature, the requirement of equipment such as lubrication frequency increases. 

Due to increase in temperature deflection and elongation might be possible. 

Maintenance team working will be affected due to overheat of surrounding areas and hence maintenance practices will also be affected due to worm surrounding areas. 


Excessive loading of equipments’ will lead to breakdown due to overstress and vibrations. 


Dirty environment will lead the frequency of breakdown. For example in case of hydraulic power pack if the environment is dirty then it will affect the oil temperature of hydraulic tank as proper cooling will not be possible.

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