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We will provide here all the required information which you will need to advertise on Engineering Made Easy. 

An Introduction to Engineering Made Easy

Engineering Made Easy is an online platform for connecting and sharing experiences and information about various engineering and technologies used these days in industries. 

Engineering Made Easy is very much interested to deliver the best and precious engineering points and therefore we require your suggestions to make this portal the best engineering portal for each and every engineering professional. 

We always welcome your suggestions and we wish you please write your suggestions in comment box at the end of respective post. 

Engineering Made Easy was started by Harikesh Kumar Divedi, a mechanical engineer, in December 2014. Harikesh Kumar Divedi is working for a reputed and quality brand organization. 

He is much interested to write and discuss engineering articles and hence he always spends his spare time in writing engineering articles. 

Websites focuses on following areas

Engineering Maintenance
Strength of materials
Engineering Materials
Fluid Mechanics
Hydraulic system
Material handling equipments
Thermal engineering and power unit
Total productive maintenance
Steel and cement technologies
Engineering design and project
Sharing of maintenance experience and all respective areas

Engineering Made Easy is a website for engineering professionals and my personal aim to establish one platform i.e. Engineering Made Easy as the platform for sharing and executing the ideas for increasing the productivity of our respective units where we work. 

Traffic Stats

Our latest traffic stats as on Sep, 2019
Monthly visits: 45000+
Monthly pageviews: 53000+
Organic search: 85% 

Advertisement opportunity

There is following advertisement opportunity that we offer at Engineering Made Easy as mentioned here.

Display Ads:

We will display ads at our pages according to your requirement and you may ask for quotation for same via mail. 

Product review:

We are quite interested to review your product according to your data and we will publish review for your product at our website. For example, one hydraulic industry may ask us for giving review for their product at our website and you may ask for quotation for same via mail. 

Link for your organization in respective keyword

We also offer to provide links for your organization in respective keyword in our contents. Whenever a person will visit our website, he can easily secure the links of your organization and can also visit your website to secure the information about for your products. 

Writing post for your organisation:

We are also focused to write the post for your flagship organisation to introduce your organisation via our website. I believe that lots of industries are accepting these strategies for marketing and sales and you may ask for quotation for same via mail.

Contact us

You may find the about me page, provided at top header, to secure the contact information or you may also fill the form of contact provided at right bottom corner. 

However you may contact us via 


Payment mode:

We accept Paypal, Payoneer or ACH Bank deposit.
Feel free to contact for any query you have.

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