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How to operate a fire extinguisher ?

A fire extinguisher is a portable device that is used to control or put out fires. It is typically a small metal cylinder that contains a pressurized agent that can be released to extinguish a fire.

Steps to operate a fire extinguisher 

Assess the situation 

Before using a fire extinguisher, you should determine if it's safe to use it. If the fire is too large or out of control, it's best to evacuate the area and call the fire department.  

Select the right extinguisher 

Make sure you have the correct type of extinguisher for the fire you're dealing with. Fire extinguishers are classified based on the type of fire they can extinguish: Class A (ordinary combustibles), Class B (flammable liquids and gasses), Class C (electrical fires), Class D (flammable metals), and Class K (cooking oils and fats). 

Position yourself correctly  

Stand at a safe distance from the fire and keep your back to the exit. Make sure you have a clear escape route if the fire grows out of control. 

Figure : Steps to operate fire extinguisher

Pull the pin 

Pull the pin at the top of the extinguisher to break the seal. 

Aim the nozzle 

Aim the nozzle or hose at the base of the fire, not at the flames themselves. 

Squeeze the handle

Squeeze the handle or trigger to release the extinguishing agent. 

Sweep the nozzle 

Sweep the nozzle of hose from side to side, covering the entire area of the fire until it is completely out. Keep a safe distance from the fire and move closer as it begins to diminish.  

Watch for re-ignition 

After the fire is extinguished, keep an eye on the area to make sure it doesn't re-ignite. If it does, repeat the process or evacuate the area.

Always read the instructions and warning labels on the fire extinguisher before using it. 

Remember, using a fire extinguisher can be dangerous and should only be attempted by someone who has been trained in its proper use. Additionally, it is important to remember that a fire extinguisher is only effective for small fires, and if the fire is too large or out of control, you should evacuate the area and call the fire department.

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