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What are the specifications of lathe machine?

We were discussing the types of lathe machines and their use and Different parts of the lathe machine and their functions in our previous post.  

We will see how a lathe can be completely specified. We will basically study here the complete specifications of the lathe with the help of this post.  

Figure : Lathe Machine 

Specifications of lathe 

We can specify a lathe machine completely with the following factors or parameters 

  1. Height of the centers. 

  2. The swing over the bed: Largest diameter of work that will rotate without touching the bed. It is generally twice the height of centers. 

  3. The length between centers: It is the greatest length of the work that can be held between the headstock and tailstock centers. 

  4. Type of bed: It may be a straight or gap bed. 

  5. Spindle speed range: Number of speeds. 

  6. Width of the bed. 

  7. Metric thread pitches. 

  8. Cross feed and longitudinal feeds. 

  9. Cross-slide travel. 

  10. Tailstock sleeve travel. 

  11. Horsepower of the main motor and RPM. 

  12. Chipping Dimensions: Length  ́ Height  ́ Width  ́ Weight.

We will study the Accessories of a lathe machine i.e. devices that are used for holding and supporting the work and the tool on the lathe with the help of next post. 


Engineering Practices by Mr. S. SUYAMBAZHAHAN 

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