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Types of Carpentry Machines and their applications

We were discussing Plumbing tools and their use and Carpentry tools and their use in our previous post. Today we will try to understand the term Carpentry machines and their importance with the help of this post. 

We can define the term carpentry as the process of making wooden components. For example,  floors, roots, partitions, windows and doors. 

Carpentry Machines

Carpentry machines are basically used for mass production of parts or components. Let us see here now the normally used carpentry machines as described below in the following section. 

Wood Turning Lathe 

Let us see a wood turning lathe, as displayed here in the following figure, is the most important and common machine used in a carpentry shop. 

Figure : Wood Turning Lathe 

Now, you might be thinking why we need to study about such a machine, So its importance in a carpentry shop will let you know the need for understanding about the wood turning lathe machine. 

We must understand that a wood turning lathe machine is used for manufacturing the spherical, cylindrical and tapered shape parts or products. 

A wood turning lathe machine will have following important parts associated with it, as mentioned below. 

  1. Main Motor 

  2. Cast Iron body 

  3. Cone pulley system 

  4. Spindle 

  5. Tool pest 

  6. Head stock, 

  7. Live and dead centers 

  8. speed control devices  

  9. Lubrication / Oil coolant system 

In a wood turning lathe machine, the workpiece will be held in between its two centers. The tool will be held in the tool post.

The workpiece will be rotated in between the two centers. The cutting tool will be passed towards the work and will remove the material and produce the desired shape and size as per design requirement of the components. 

Circular Saw

We can see the circular saw machine in the following figure. Once you observe the circular saw, you will easily understand why we need to use this machine and what is the importance of a circular saw machine in a carpentry machine shop. 

Figure : Circular Saw Machine 

So, let's see…

A circular saw is a carpentry machine which is basically used for ripping, cross cutting, grooving, leveling and rebating. 

There will be following parts associated with the circular saw machine as mentioned below. 

  1. A circular cutting blade 

  2. Main Motor 

  3. Cast iron table

  4. Saw guide 

  5. Guideways 

  6. Elevating hand wheel 

  7. Tilting hand wheel 

  8. Lubrication / Oil coolant system 

In circular saws machines, the workpiece will be held on the table. Then the work is moved against the circular saw in order to execute the desired operations. The circular saw hand wheel will be used in order to adjust the height of the saw above the surface of the table. 

We must note here that the table could be tilted up to 45 degrees for executing the cutting operation with different angles. It could be considered as an ideal machine for mass production. The size of the circular saw machine will be dependent over the size of the saw blade. 

Band Saw

We can see the wood band saw machine in the following figure.  

Figure : Wood band saw machine  

So, let's see… 

A band saw machine is basically used for following functions as mentioned below 

  1. Leveling 

  2. Cross cutting 

  3. Grooving

  4. Mitering 

  5. Rebating 

Let us see the various important parts of a band saw machine as mentioned below 

  1. Main Motor 

  2. Two wheels having an equal diameter 

  3. Steel cutting blade with having teeth on it 

  4. Arrangement for tensioning of this steel cutting blade

  5. Saw guider 

  6. Wheel guard 

  7. Frame table 

  8. Saw tension 

  9. Lubrication / Oil coolant system 

The band saw blade will travel over the rims of two wheels having an equal diameter. The blade width will vary in the range of 6 to 25 mm and the thickness will be in the range of approximately 1 to 2 mm. 


Engineering Practices by Mr. S. SUYAMBAZHAHAN

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