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PREPOSTSEO Review: A Complete Package to Grow Your Business

Online business management is not an easy task as you need to keep different factors in your mind. To grow your business, you need to add a complete package of tools to manage, analyze, and improve performance in a timely fashion. 

It is important to do so because you will get thousands of competitors on the internet with the same services. Choosing the right set of tools and getting them ready for use from time to time is a little expensive, especially for newly born businesses. 

Do you want to access a platform to get different tools for managing and growing your business? If you want, this blog will help you because we are going to tell you about Prepostseo in detail. By reading this blog, you will be able to know about this platform and its effective tools. 

What is Prepostseo?

It is an online platform from which you can access more than 150 tools for dealing with different online tasks. Doesn’t matter whether you are an SEO expert, developer, or writer, you will find different useful tools for use at different times. 

Prepostseo has almost all the essential tools that you might be looking for if your work is related to writing, or some sort of website management. The simple interface of this platform enables everyone to access its tools and use them effortlessly. 

In simple words, you will not need to be a professional or experienced person to use any of its tools. All tools on this platform have been designed with a user-friendly interface that makes it a reliable platform to browse in your work. 

No doubt, this platform has great importance for online employers in different aspects. But you should know about its beneficial tools too. It will help you in understanding whether it is good for your work or not. 

In the following section, we are going to list some of the best and most beneficial tools to use in your work. 

Some Beneficial Tools by Prepostseo

As mentioned above, this platform has more than 150 tools to offer for different tasks. Not all tools are useful for every person because of their benefits for people from different categories.

So, we have explored this platform and found a few best tools from the entire list. Also, we are going to briefly explain the working of these tools to let you understand how these tools will help you in growing your business.

Plagiarism Checker

One of the most used tools on Prepostseo by users from the entire world is its plagiarism checker. This tool has been designed for writers and SEO experts. It lets them know about the uniqueness of their work.

If you are concerned with any of these fields, you must have an idea about the importance of unique content. To help writers and SEO experts, this tool has been launched by this platform.

The main purpose of this tool is to compare the given text with already published pages, books, and journals. At the end of the comparison, it will show whether the inserted text is unique or plagiarized.

No doubt, hundreds of tools are available for this purpose on the internet. But this tool has a specific algorithm that makes it unique and more effective than all those tools. The main reason is that this tool has no database which makes its comparison broad.

In simple words, it will compare your given text with the documents from the entire internet. So, you can say that the tool has not left a single page or document to compare for finding plagiarism.


  • Accurate plagiarism checking

  • Lists all sources that were copied from

  • Underlines the plagiarized parts in the given text

  • 1,000 words limit for free users

  • Downloadable plagiarism report


  • Quite a few ads in the free version

  • Their free version is not meant to check the plagiarism of very large portions of content at once. 

Domain Authority Checker

All SEO experts know the importance of Domain Authority for having an idea about the potential of the website to grow in SERPs. This metric indicates whether your website has the potential to stand in the top positions or not. In SEO, it is important to get links from high-DA websites only as they provide you with link juice. 

For growing a business, it is important to know its potential before you set a plan or roadmap to follow. The reason is you know what is the current condition of the concerned business and how much effort you have to input for profitable outcomes.

With the help of the DA PA checker by Prepostseo, you can resolve this problem as it will provide you with comprehensive details. Like other Domain Authority checkers, it will not only show you the DA score.

But you will also be able to know other metrics including Spam Score and the number of pages indexed by Google. With the help of this, you can estimate whether you have to improve the previous techniques first or move to the next level for better growth.


  • Bulk checking available (even for free users)

  • Shows Page Authority as well

  • Shows Spam Score 

  • Lists the entire sitemap of the checked domains


  • Ads

  • Free users can only see the spam score of the first two domains

Paraphrasing Tool

In this time of the internet, it has become hard for writers to write without plagiarism. It is also a hard task to rewrite the original text to make it unique and publish it on the internet. Prepostseo has resolved this problem by introducing an AI-based paraphrasing tool.

This tool is based on an AI and NLP algorithm that makes it the most reliable pick over the others. With the help of this tool, you can rewrite the original text with human-level language.

It means that the tool will understand and rewrite your text with human-friendly language. No one will be able to find that you have used a tool instead of manual rewriting.

Another feature of this tool is its multiple working modes that let everyone use this tool. Doesn’t matter which type of writing you are doing, you can use this tool.

The only thing that you have to do is to choose your desired working mode for this tool. As a result, the tool will analyze, understand, and rewrite your text accordingly. In short, you will get a new text with the same intentions and quality as per your content’s nature.


  • Four paraphrasing modes

  • Unlimited word count in Simple and Advanced mode

  • Support file uploading

  • Multiple languages available


  • Ads in the free version

  • Cannot edit the output in all modes

Image To Text Converter

For data entry experts, it is hard to preview an image and extract the text from that image. The manual conversion takes a lot of time and can be full of mistakes. The reason is you may not be able to view the image properly and extract text properly.

With the help of an image-to-text converter by this platform, you can resolve this problem. By using this tool, you can easily extract text from multiple images at a time. This tool has been designed with a fine algorithm that can scan your inserted image and extract text properly.

It is based on OCR technology that will help this tool in analyzing the text from the image, scanning it, and extracting it simultaneously. In short, you will be able to get this task completed with the help of this tool.

If we say that it has made work for data entry experts simple and efficient, it will be right. Keep in mind that the tool is not only beneficial for these experts but it can be useful for writers too. But the main proportion of its benefits lies in this field because image-to-text extraction is mainly used in this field.

So, you can say that this tool will be beneficial to grow your business if you are working in this field. The main benefit of this tool is that it can extract text from low-quality images without mistakes.


  • Bulk image-to-text conversion

  • Can recognize handwriting with considerable accuracy

  • Download and copy the converted text with UI shortcuts

  • Allows you to pull images from the internet with their URLs


  • Can only upload images one by one

Random Address Generator

Doesn’t matter whether you are working as a writer, data entry operator, SEO expert, or web developer, you must have experienced a situation where you need random details. It might be because you want to create an account with a tool or platform.

There might be other reasons too for the demand for such details. Prepostseo has a finding tool named Random Address Generator that can provide you with such details.

With the help of this tool, you can generate a random address, name, email address, and other basic details. In short, you can get a complete set of details with the help of which you can easily create an account online.


  • Very detailed, goes above and beyond with the results

  • No limits on usage

  • Believable data


  • Sometimes the details do not match each other very well i.e., the female name has a male email. 

Pricing and Packages

Prepostseo has the following packages and their prices.

Monthly Plans:




10 USD per month

20 USD per month

45 USD per month

5,000 queries

25,000 queries

75,000 queries

Deep Search

Deep Search

Deep Search

24/7 support

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

Unlimited User Seats

Unlimited User Seats

Unlimited User Seats

Yearly Plans: 




50 USD per year

150 USD per year

350 USD per year

50,000 queries

200,000 queries

500,000 queries

Deep Search

Deep Search

Deep Search

24/7 support

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

Unlimited User Seats

Unlimited User Seats

Unlimited User Seats

Is There Any Drawback in Prepostseo?

Like other platforms, this platform also has some drawbacks that can restrict your usage. But these drawbacks are not harmful to the users as compared to their benefits for them.

The main drawback of tools available on this platform is advertisement banners. In the free version, you have to watch ads on your screen side by side while working with it.

It can distract your attention or lead you to another page on the internet. This is the only problem you will get with the tools of this platform.

Overall, you will find it pretty beneficial and profitable for you because you can use all its tools freely for basic purposes. So, it is right to say that this platform will help you in growing your business freely in different categories.

Final Verdict

In the above guide, we have discussed Prepostseo in detail with a discussion about some of its most beneficial tools. It doesn’t matter whether you are a writer or an SEO expert, you can use this platform fearlessly.

The only thing that you should know is what your concerned tool is. It is because you may get confused by looking at different tools related to your field. In such a case, you may have accidentally chosen a tool that is not useful for that specific task accidentally.

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