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PDF to Excel - Best Conversion Strategies

PDF to Excel converts PDF files that cannot be converted into Excel format files. It is commonly used by professionals who manage files and record work data. Perhaps the general PDF service website can meet the needs of most people, but this article introduces you the PDF to Excel tool that uses the best strategy.


PDF to Excel Conversion Strategies


Build an automated library for extraction


When automating the process of extracting text from PDFs, you typically use a library that handles PDFs. There are also two steps: first find the range of characters to extract, tell the library the range to find, and then perform text extraction.


When considering using the library to automatically extract text , PDF to Excel also takes two points into consideration:


1、Considerations When Specifying the Range of Text to Extract


The coordinate system of the tool to use .

The range of glyphs in the font .

characters in the PDF .


2. Ingenuity when extracting data from a PDF whose layout has changed


Conversion strategy when specifying a text range


tool coordinate system


The first point is the coordinate system of the tool to be used. If the coordinate value of a given rectangle is "upper left (6, 8) - lower right (10, 14)" as shown in the figure below, where is the range of the rectangle?


It depends on the coordinate system, not just the coordinate values. Specifically, it depends on the location of the origin, the orientation of the x/y axes, the units of length, and the rotation of the page. The units of length and the origin position are different, so even though the coordinate values are the same, the actual position of the rectangle will be different.


In AbcdPDF 's previous products, the PDF viewer and text extraction commands had different length units and different origin positions. Now, the coordinate values inspected by the viewer are transformed according to the command's coordinate system , resulting in higher quality transformations.


The range of glyphs in the font


Set a black border to the text range. This looks fine, but I can't actually extract the text. Characters are represented by font glyphs, which may have a larger range than apparent characters. A range needs to be specified to contain the glyphs, a large red bordered range works well. It is necessary for PDF to Excel to specify the range while knowing such glyphs.




What are the best PDF to Excel tools? The above introduces you the best strategy adopted by the AbcdPDF platform for PDF to Excel. Of course, as a user, you don't need to master all the conversion strategies of the tool, you just need to enjoy the unlimited convenience brought by this online tool for free.

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