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How to Secretly Record Zoom Conferences

For someone who couldn't make it to the live session, recording a Zoom assembly may be helpful. It's a great method to refresh your memory and watch it again later. Although Zoom gives you the option to record your presentation, the host is the only party who can use this capability. Meaning that if you are the presenter, the recording is being made at the same speed as you.


Zoom by default prevents anyone besides the host from "recording the Zoom meeting." If anyone else wishes to file, they should request the host's permission on an equal basis. This is understandable because the privacy issue raised by this could lead to misuse if it is not checked.


However, there may be instances where the presenter forgets to ask the attendees for permission. Additionally, it's now not always possible to request authorization to record a meeting.


Fortunately, there is a guide available that will show you how to record Zoom meeting without permission. It is simple, and efficient, and gives you complete freedom when reporting your display. This is one of the best zoom tricks, and in this article, we'll examine it in detail.

How to Use Third-Party Software to Record Zoom Meetings?

There is a lot of equipment that can assist you in reporting your screen, whether it is a Zoom call, your games, or your computer screen. Our top contender is iTop Screen Recorder because it offers free display recording.


The software is developed directly with a computing device app, offering a ton of amazing options, and is compatible with all generations of Windows OS, including Windows eleven. Here's how to use this free screen recorder to record your screen.


1.    Install iTop Screen Recorder after downloading it


Visit the official iTop Screen Recorder website to obtain the most recent version of the program. The installer can be downloaded by clicking the Free Download icon. Once finished, select the installation path and software by clicking the installer.


2.   Launch Zoom Meeting


Launch the Zoom assembling app temporarily while iTop Screen Recorder is open. Select the settings you need to report right now. This covers your webcam, speaker, mic, and screen size.


3.   capture the screen


To start recording, hit F9 on your keyboard or the REC button. When finished, press F11 or the same red button to stop recording. You have the option of saving the Zoom meeting to local pressure.


4.   Edit and Safe


You can store your display recordings in the My Creation section. This section allows you to browse, edit, and remove recorded videos from your computer. 

How do you record an online Zoom meeting?

Your online Zoom meetings can also be recorded using the online screen recorder offered by iTop. It operates right away on your default browser without the need for any downloads or plugins. You only need to choose the display size, and you're ready to go. You can try it this way.


       Select "Screen Recording Now" from the menu.

       select the recording's title, and Click the Next button after selecting the audio parameters.

       Select the program window or display size you want to use now.

       The file button should be clicked to start recording.

       Once this is done, click the stop button, and your computer will begin to download the recorded report.

       Additionally, you can view the recorded file online.


It's entertaining and practical to re-watch the recording in segments by recording your screen. Keep track of your progress because Zoom classes are growing in size as a result of the pandemic. iTop Screen Recorder is fantastic for demonstrating how to easily record Zoom conferences. You must genuinely want to get the program and begin the recording. 


This post is written by Mr. Ali Aas, for more information, one can contact with him. However, this post should be considered for educational purpose. 

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