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How to Edit PDF on Windows Without Converting

You might easily get access to some of the equipment needed to complete your reading and editing in today's technologically advanced world. iTop PDF can help with this situation. With the help of iTop PDF, you can edit, view, protect, comment on, and convert your PDF documents for free with ease. Overall, it is the best solution ever for creating flawless documents and smoothly converting them into a variety of record formats, such as Excel, Text, PPT, Image, Word, and many more.


The interface is enormous and best shown with the majority of tools and features for added comfort. The PDF works fantastically green thanks to its simple and intuitive UI. It also has a ribbon-style Microsoft Office toolbar for easy action. The papers are quickly loaded in this, enabling you to begin and flawlessly complete the assignment. Isn't it incredible?


Are you curious as to how the iTop PDF may be the ideal wish for you? Check through our thorough review to learn everything there is to know about the usability and functionality of iTop PDF.


How Do I Edit PDF Using iTop PDF?


The use of iTop PDF is simple to understand. It's just as clean as taking candy from a baby. Here are a few general suggestions about how to utilize it:


  1. Install iTop PDF after downloading it. Launch iTop PDF.
  2. You may now open your PDF documents by selecting the "Edit PDF" option from the top pane.
  3. Your PDF documents may now be edited, so if you don't want to convert them to Word or another format, just edit the PDF right away. Use iTop editing software: You may modify the text, add text, and alter the typefaces while keeping your favorite choices from the list of formats. Additionally, you could add hyperlinks, bookmarks, and watermarks while editing.
  4. Finally, save the edited PDF by giving it a name and clicking the "Save" button.


     Characteristics of iTop PDF


Along with improving capabilities, iTop PDF includes a lot of strong features. You may modify, disguise, and manipulate PDF pages with the assistance of iTop PDF, a simple yet powerful PDF software tool. It also aids in protecting your PDF files. Let me now get into more detail about iTop PDF.


     Simple UI and easy to use


Amazingly, iTop PDF achieves a balance between power and usability. Even when working with unique PDF documents, the Microsoft Office toolbar offers you a user-friendly and trouble-free experience.


     Quick PDF Reader


The size and arrangement of the pages may be easily changed to enhance clarity. You may also select the study deeper option while reading a PDF document to increase the reading experience. Additionally, the material may be added fast. Additionally, you might also save that specific information for later use.


     Numerous Practical Tools


In addition to its features, you may flawlessly divide, compress, and combine PDF files using useful, well-designed tools. Additionally, you might create a gorgeous, elegant signature and adjust the stunning watermark to suit your preferences.


What Sets iTop PDF Apart?

Anywhere you are, you can easily update with iTop PDF. We'll clarify how by: 

     Powerful equipment


With this PDF editor, you can add any lines, bullet lists, and features with full page enhancement, formatting, and paragraph regulation. Your PDF documents can easily be filled out with bureaucracy, compressed, or with your very own watermarks.


     Secure your format


Within the file, you may exchange text or images. To rearrange pages, add a beautiful new paragraph, or fix a typo, just tap or click. Additionally, you may add pictures or edit images.


     Edit from any location


Utilize the iTop PDF reader software on any of your mobile devices to be very productive. You can accurately work on any phone or tablet thanks to its PDF format.


     Correct typos, keep it concise


The alterations are essentially fixed by the built-in automated spellcheck, and you may correct any instance of a word, date, or edit using the replace and find tool.




In general, iTop PDF allows you to freely modify PDF files and add images, stamps, notes, watermarks, and text. And you can easily use it to convert PDF to Word with 1 click. File organization is aided by useful features like Extract, Crop, Rotate, and Insert. Additionally, you can use passwords to protect the sensitive information on the documents. 


This post is written by Mr. Ali Aas, for more information, one can contact with him. However, this post should be considered for educational purpose. 

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