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How to create plumbing line diagram ?

We were discussing Plumbing tools and their use,  Pipe and Plumbing fittings, Types of pipe connections in plumbing system and Different types of water pumps and flow in our previous discussions.

Now we will be focused here today to understand the plumbing line diagrams or sketches with the help of this post. 

So lets start ... 

Piping or plumbing diagrams are basically project blueprints. It includes the drawings and symbols of important plumbing components and processes. 

The aim of plumbing line sketches is to display the size and location of pipes, valves and fittings. In the line sketches, the vertical and inclined routes will also be mentioned for fabrication and erection of the piping system.

There are basically two types of piping diagrams as mentioned below. 

1. Single line diagram

2. Double line diagram

Lets see here now the single line diagram 

Single Line Diagram 

Single line diagrams are mostly used in plumbing systems. These diagrams are basically prepared by orthographic projections. If we see, we will observe that all power plants and bottling plants pipings are made by the single line piping diagram. 

Following figure indicates the single line diagram.

Figure : Single line diagram 

Double Line Diagram

The single line diagram will not provide the clear visual appearance in piping manifold area, but

double line diagrams are getting adopted for this purpose. Therefore, if there is a need to provide a clear visual appearance then a double line diagram will be preferred. 

Following figure indicates the double line diagram.

Figure : Double line diagram 

Piping Symbols

Lets see some piping symbols those are used in preparation and reading of these line diagrams in the field of plumbing. 

Figure: Plumbing or Piping Symbols 

So, This is a very brief writeup about the line diagram of the plumbing field. This post will be very useful in our professional life being an engineer. 


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