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Different types of pipes used in household appliances

We were discussing Plumbing tools and their use,  Pipe and Plumbing fittings, Types of pipe connections in plumbing system, Different types of water pumps and flow and plumbing line diagrams or sketches in our previous discussions.

Now we will be focused here today to understand the Different types of pipes used in household appliances with the help of this post. 

So lets start ... 

The plastic pipes, metal pipes and flexible pipes are usually used these days for plumbing in houses. The plastic pipes are normally used in low pressure flow piping systems. Metal and plastic pipes are used as a suction pipe line for pump input and also for service pipe lines. 

Plastic pipes 

As we have already discussed, the plastic pipes were initially used for the low pressure application only. But these days, these pipes are usually used for gas distribution systems and utility piping systems too in various industries. You can get plastic pipes easily at a fairly reasonable price in the market. 

Types of plastic pipes 

  1. Polyethylene 

  2. Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) 

  3. Thermoplastic pipes

  4. Polypropylene 

Metal pipes 

When we need to work for high pressure applications, Plastic pipes will not be considered as they can not withstand the high pressure and it will be damaged. 

So, which type of pipes will be suitable for high pressure applications? 

If you want to find out the application of metal pipes in household appliances, you can note that these days metal pipes (Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass etc.) are getting used in order to prepare the piping circuit for distribution of fuels LPG in houses. 

Metal pipes are normally used for high pressure applications in the industries. These pipes will be manufactured and will be available, in the market, in different lengths and weights. 

For example, if we see the case of a power plant, the steam lines will be fabricated by the metal pipes only because of its more strength and ability to withstand the higher pressure. 

Selection of a pipe material always depends on its application areas. If you will see any hydraulic system, you will find that there will be used metal pipes of higher grade which can withstand pressure even 400 bar too. 

Flexible pipes 

Rubber is usually used in tubing & pipes either as soft or hard rubber in order to transfer the liquids in the portable systems. It is like PVC, corrosion resistant and most importantly easy to handle and replace. 

So, this is a very brief writeup about the type of pipes used in household appliances. This post will be very useful in our professional life being an engineer. 


Engineering Practices by Mr. S. SUYAMBAZHAHAN

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