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Quarter on Quarter : 30 Sep 2022 Vs 30 June 2022 

Year on Year :  30 Sep 2022 Vs 30 Sep 2021 

Total Income : 

47.43 % Up quarter on quarter 

7.26 % Up Year on Year  

Gross Profit : 

49.67 % Down quarter on quarter 

67.16 % Down Year on Year 

Total Income is increased in Quarter on Quarter by 47.43% and 7.26% year on year. But, Gross profits dropped significantly. 

Lets observe the COGS (Cost of Good sold) increased significantly in Quarter on Quarter i.e. by 107.14% and also Year on Year i.e. 62.20%. 

This was one reason that I have observed here for reporting losses in the quarter Q2FY23. 

I am not understanding it all. If anyone can suggest in comment box. Is it due to inventory pileup ? Please suggest in comment box. 

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