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Hi Everyone

Today, I am not coming here to publish any technical article but I am here today to request all of you to support me. 

My wife has been diagnosed with COVID 19. In just a matter of few days she was reduced to a hospital bed in the ICU from being a jovial woman. Her lungs have been completely infected and is still alive with ECMO respiratory support. As per the doctors she will have to continue with the same treatment for a few more weeks as she has a good chance of recovery and the cost or treatment might be up to 60 Lacks.  

However, initially they have given estimate of 40 Lacks rupees (INR) and informed that it might go to 60 lacks depending on the patient recovery rate.  

But after pooling in all my savings it is very difficult for a middle class family like ours to arrange Rs 60 lakhs in such a short notice.  

I have started a fundraiser and need your help urgently. It would be great if you could consider contributing to my fundraiser Sangam’s 8 y/o son will lose her to COVID without ECMO treatment. It would also be great if you could share it with your friends, family and network through Facebook, Whatsapp and other channels. Thank you for your support in our time of need! 

If your can donate whatever you can on the fundraiser given it will be a huge help. 

Even a share on social media will be highly appreciated. 

Please click here to donate the fund or follow the following link 

Initial Estimate 

Clinical summary 

Requesting you to please come forward and contribute to save one life. 

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