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In our recent posts, we were focused on different types of thermodynamic cycles. We have seen various posts based on the different types of thermodynamic cycles and these posts are as mentioned below. 

Here we have written each post based on the different types of thermodynamic cycles for easy access and to secure complete information about the different types of thermodynamic cycles. 

Posts based on different types of thermodynamic cycles

  1. Reversed Carnot heat engine cycle
  2. Classification of thermodynamic cycles
  3. Difference between Rankine and Carnot cycle
  4. Rankine cycle
  5. Carnot cycle
  6. Otto cycle
  7. Diesel cycle
  8. Actual Rankine cycle versus ideal Rankine cycle
  9. Basic concept of an ideal regenerative Rankine cycle
  10. Regenerative Rankine cycle with feedwater heater
  11. Rankine cycle with reheat and regeneration
  12. Otto cycle: the ideal cycle for internal combustion spark ignition engine
  13. Diesel cycle the ideal cycle for compression-ignition engines
  14. Working principle of open cycle gas turbine
  15. Working principle of closed cycle gas turbine
  16. Brayton cycle the ideal cycle for gas-turbine engines
  17. Dual cycle, limited pressure cycle or mixed cycle
  18. Effect of regeneration on Brayton cycle 
  19. Effect of inter-cooling on Brayton cycle
  20. Brayton cycle
  21. Brayton cycle with reheating
  22. Stirling cycle PV and TS diagram
  23. Ericsson cycle PV and TS diagram 

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Further we will find out, in our next post, main components of reciprocating pump.  


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