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In our recent posts, we were focused on the basics of centrifugal compressor. We have seen the various posts based on the working principle, velocity diagram of centrifugal compressor, slip phenomenon and slip factor, Mach number for centrifugal compressor, function of diffuser and various losses in centrifugal compressor and these posts are as mentioned below.

Posts based on basics of centrifugal compressor 

There are the desired pages links which will provide the complete information about te centrifugal compressor.

We were discussing the following posts. 

  1. Working principle of centrifugal compressor
  2. Velocity diagram of centrifugal compressor 
  3. Slip phenomenon and slip factor for centrifugal compressor
  4. Mach number for centrifugal compressor
  5. Function of diffuser in centrifugal compressor  
  6. Performance characteristics of centrifugal compressor 
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Further we will find out, in our next post, main components of reciprocating pump.   

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