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We were discussing the basic concept of full flow hydraulic filter and proportional flow hydraulic filter in our previous post.

Today we will start here another important topic in hydraulic system i.e. filter element material with the help of this post.

As we know very well that in order to secure the smooth and correct operation of each component of hydraulic system, hydraulic fluid must be clean as much as possible.

We have already discussed the various reasons and sources of hydraulic fluid contamination and therefore we will not repeat it again. 
We will directly come to the main agenda of this post i.e. filter element material, we will understand here the various types of materials for filter element and their importance too in a hydraulic unit.

However, we can refer here the post difference between hydraulic filter and strainer in order to secure the complete information in respect of various reasons and sources of hydraulic fluid contamination.

Let us first brief here the filter element

Filter element is a key component of any filter. Hydraulic fluid, which is going in to the system, will enter in to the filter housing and further hydraulic fluid will flow towards the outlet port passing through the filter element.

During flowing through the filter element, dirt and other foreign particles will be left over the outer surface of the filter element and filtered hydraulic fluid will further flow towards the system via outlet port.

Filter material for filter element

Filter element will be prepared with various types of filter material such as wire mesh, paper and metal fibre.

Following figure, displayed here, indicates the various types of materials for filter element.
Filter one is prepared with wire mesh, second filter is prepared with paper and third filter is prepared with metal fibre.

There will be a star shaped fold in the filter material and hence there will be enough filter area with small size element and better stability.

Filter element with wire meshing

Stainless steel wire will be used in such filter.

Paper filter

Such filter element will be prepared with paper fibre. There is one disadvantage of paper filter and that is such filters could not be cleaned and therefore such filters will be one time use filters. Filtration size of paper filter will be approximate 10μm.

Metal fibre filter element

Metal fibres are used here in order to prepare the filter element. Such filter will have capability to capture the multiple dirt and foreign particle over same filter area.

Such filter will have good service life and will have good inherent stability.
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