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We were discussing in our previous post about the working of solar panel i.e. “How solar panel works” and we have also seen the importance of renewable energy resources.

As we know that nonrenewable energy sources are limited and we need to save these sources by using other sources of energy such as solar energy. As we know that energy from sun is free and very powerful, hence this powerful energy might be useful in our daily need.
In this post, we will see how to make one light duty solar oven which is quite useful these days across the world. If we have solar oven, we do not need to relay on fuel and electricity only.

Material selection

Material selection for any product is very critical step as overall performance of that product depends on raw material used.

We will consider here material for manufacturing solar oven for light duty & following materials are required for manufacturing a solar oven of light duty.
  1. Boxes 02 nos. one box should be placed in another box and there should be at least 30 mm clearance.
  2. Shredded newspapers
  3. Cardboards 04 no
  4. Black paper of construction
  5. Metallic auto sunshade
  6. Polished metals
  7. Aluminum foils
  8.  Rubber cements & tape
  9. Rod = 8 nos
  10. School glue

Design and manufacturing Process

Before going to design phase, designers observe following terms in order to provide the best design for solar oven.
  1. Availability & Costing of materials
  2. Site of heavy intensity of sun light
  3. Capacity required as per customer need
There are following simple steps that should be followed during manufacturing of solar oven

Step, 1

Installation of boxes in such way that one box will be inside other with 30 mm of clearances

Step, 2

Providing layer inside of boxes with the help of construction black paper as mentioned below in picture

Step, 3

In this step we have to cover cardboards with such a material as reflective materials.

Step, 4

In this step we have to provide a reflector at the top position for 1 side of box only

Step, 5

In this step we have to locate all reflectors at 450 angles

Step, 6

By locating oven in full sun light we may cook food as shown in figure.

Image source: and

Life cycle analysis

In following figure we will be able to understand the cycle analysis light duty solar oven.

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Recyclability and overall product appeal         

Solar oven for light duty will be made by such products those are recyclable easily. Solar oven will be made with the help of such materials those could be disposed easily such as card boards and refrigerator-boxes from appliance store.

If we look the whole concept behind making solar oven, we will realize that it’s less costly and more importantly that we are not using fossil fuels those are quite dangerous for environment. So the idea to make a solar oven will be environmental friendly as well as economical also.

I will request to all my readers to contribute in this article by giving their valuable feedback in comment box to improve this article i.e. How to make light duty solar oven. We will see how to make heavy duty solar oven in our next post.

Do you have suggestions? Please comment in comment box.

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