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As we have discussed that even this website is completely based on the engineering and its applications, but I have made one section for general topics where I can share my personal experience about my life and my work with web etc.  

I am sure you will be interested to work on internet during your free time and to earn additional money. In my previous post “Online works that really pay”, we have seen few methods to earn money online. We have seen the process to work as an expert for a particular subject with Trasnweb education services.

Today, we are going to find out the other method to earn by doing work according to your time comfortability.

So, let us come to point without wasting your time.

One day, I was searching on web about the various true methods to earn money online. I searched one method and that is to create one blog. I was completely confused about this method at that time. I have studied various articles and discussed with my colleague about the blogging.
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I am sure you also interested to create one blog, but you are little bit confused. So do not take tension and take one deep breath as well as one cup of coffee as you need to read this article thoroughly to understand about the important points about the blogging. 

I have mentioned points here those are very necessary for you to understand the basic of blogging and I promise you that you will have confidence to start your own blog today itself once you complete this article.

So first we need to understand, what is blogging?

Blogging means to create one blog; blogging is a way to express your knowledge, information and your experience about a subject. Before we go ahead, we should have an idea that why we need to create one blog? We should surely think once to create one blog, do you know why?
  1. We can share our experience about a subject and we can help to other by providing the useful information.
  2. We can also increase our knowledge by reading article and researching the concerned topics over web.
  3. You will start learning from your user; user means the person who visits your blog once you have created the page/blog.
  4. Best way to earn money by writing article about a topic.
  5. You will be displayed in search engine result and people will follow you and you will secure tons of recognition in the area of your subject or topic about which you are writing articles.
  6. You will feel yourself as a good author.

So let us think what we will require to create a blog

Let us follow below mentioned points to understand the process to create one blog.
  1. You will have to select one topic and we must have good knowledge about that subject or topic. You will have to research and study to secure deep knowledge about which you are planning to write the article.
  2. You should have own computer and internet resources.
  3. You will have to select a platform to start a blog; I have selected but it’s depending on you and you may select Wordpress or Tumblr also.
  4. If you are serious on blogging, it’s my opinion to select a domain and to set your own blog with your domain. You may take help to secure domain from
  5. You will have to select the web address name e.g.
  6. You will have to select the title of your blog; Selection of title for your blog is very important phase as your blog will be known by your blog title such as I have given name “Engineering made easy” for my blog.
  7. You have created blog with nice and meaningful title, now you will have to select the title for your post or article and after that you will have to write the main content of your post and then publish it.
  8. You have created your own blog, now it’s time to design your blog. Use the suitable template for your blog; use the navigation system for your blog so that each user can easily secure your each page. 
  9. You have to create few pages in your blog such as Contact us, Disclaimer and about blog as these pages will show that you are serious about your blog.
  10. You will have to wait for few days so that you can secure a good traffic on your blog. 
  11. You must have to try to make one post each day so that you can improve your blog page rank as page rank is very necessary to be displayed your blog.
  12. You will have to apply for Google Adsense and apply Google Adsense with your blog; you will have to keep patience for approval of your blog from Google Adsense. Once Google Adsense approved your Adsense account, you will start earning from your blog. 
But always write rich content so that user of your blog can secure the desired information, please do not write the content which is meaningless and not useful for user.You have to provide the information that user want.

Do not write post with only consideration of earning the money.

Let us go to the next post....

Please provide your suggestion and experience in comment box.

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