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Classification of Hydraulic fluid 
According to DIN 51524 and 51525, Hydraulic oils were divided on the basis of their compositions and properties in following classes.
  1. Hydraulic oil HL
  2. Hydraulic oil HV
  3. Hydraulic oil HLP
Lets us understand the nomenclature of above hydraulic oil and their details are mentioned in following table. 

Let us consider what is the meaning of each word when we specify hydraulic oil, let us think 
Hydraulic oil HLP 68 

What is H, L, P and 68 stands for???

This is quite important to understand the basic of using each word in any technical name of any product, let us understand the purpose of above written word.

H - Hydraulic oil 
L- Additives for increasing corrosion protection 
P- Additives for increasing load carrying ability 
68- Viscosity in centistokes @ 40 degree centigrade temperature 

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