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These types’ resources exist in nature and could not be finish because these types of resources are replenished continuously with the help of natural- process.

Let us discuss the various types of Renewable energy

  1. Wind energy
  2. Hydro power
  3. Photovoltaic energy
  4. Solar energy
  5. Tidal /Wave action
  6. Biomass
  7. Geothermal energy
  8. Fuel-Cell

Let us discuss the energy requirements for various in current situation and projected energy requirements.


Let us discuss, as mentioned in following figure, production of electrical energy from Renewable energy resources and Capacity of production of electrical energy from various units of renewable energy.



Let us also discuss utilization of energy in US 


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Advantage and disadvantage of resources for renewable energy

Let us discuss the advantage of renewable resources for producing electricity
  1. Fuel cost will be much lower.
  2. Require very less time for planning and executing or constructing renewable energy unit as compared to non renewable energy unit.
  3. Renewable sources of energy will not produce any carbon compounds, while all conventional sources of energy produce carbon compounds during combustion.
  4. Maintenance cost will also.
We have discussed the advantage of using renewable energy sources, we must aware also about the disadvantage of these renewable energy resources.
  1. Quantities of generating electricity via renewable energy sources will be lower as compared to convention sources.
  2. Reliability of energy supply via renewable sources is also one important factor
  3. Renewable energy sources depend on weather conditions for generating electricity or power.
  4. Wind turbine will require suitable speed of wind to rotate the turbine.
  5. Hydro power unit will require filling the dam via rain water.
  6. Solar energy unit will require clear sunshine to absorb suitable heat to produce.

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