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We have discussed in our various posts about root cause analysis basic and we have seen one case study, we recommend you to first visit following two pages for better and complete understanding of root cause analysis.

Let us see how we can proceed to carry out the RCA i.e. Root cause analysis.

RCA process

First of all, we will have to make one team for RCA process with one leader of the team
  1. Define the problem in details
  2. For each causes, we will have to ask why it occurred
  3. Keep asking why for minimum five times
  4. Consider genuine relation of each feedback with one that preceded it
  5. We will stop when we will have enough information for determining the root cause
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What RCA team will do?

RCA team will do following tasks
  1. Identification of problem
  2. Specify the problem
  3. Understanding the problem
  4. Identification of root cause
  5. Identification of corrective action
  6. Observing the system
We must note that above 6 points will be carried out on continuous basis till we got confidence that problem will not happen again.

We must keep always in our mind that by solving the root cause, we will save money as well as time also and we will improve the efficiency of our organization.

When we form the team for RCA process, our team have to analyze the problem in two way and for each way we will have to secure the root cause.
  1. First way- Why the problem was occurred?
  2. Second way- Why the problem was not observed before failure? 
I have studied one blog about root cause analysis and I have learnt one example over there, I want to specify the same example over here

Problem: My tea was cold

So we will consider the above problem in both ways
First Way - Why the problem was occurred?

Second way -Why the problem was not observed before failure?

Root Cause analysis tree diagram

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