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How solar panel works

As we know that sun emits energy in terms of electromagnetic radiation and these radiation emitted by sun will be absorbed by solar cells.

Once this electromagnetic radiation will be absorbed by solar cells there will be a chemical reaction that will cause of rapid movement of electron and these electrons will move in one direction because of the cells are manufactured with such materials with such atomic structure that it will force to electrons to move in one direction and due to this reason that electrons will move in one direction there will be production of direct current.

This direct current will finally flow through an inverter that converts the direct current in to alternating current. It is very important to convert the direct current in to alternating current because we could not use direct current in our appliances as they will run on the basis of alternation current flow.
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It must be noted that solar panels are made by a numbers of solar cells and thus each solar cells contribute to produce electricity.

The solar cells utilize light in order to move electrons. The solar cell is usually made by two different layers and these two layers are stuck with each other.

First layer will be loaded with electrons and therefore these loaded electrons will be ready to jump from this layer to another (second) layer. Second layer will have capability to take electrons and hence there will be possibility of movement of electrons.

General Maintenance points for solar panel

As we know that there are no moving parts in solar panel therefore it must be noted that Solar panels usually require general maintenance .for example in our check list we have to check solar panels for debris and dirt as dirt used to accumulated on solar panels. 

Before going for maintenance we must aware about safety precaution that must be considered during maintenance of solar panels.

We must think that we have to use simple hose in order to wash the panels face during the period of evening and in morning. It must be noted that we should not use cold water on hot solar panels as there will be great possibilities of being crack.

Feedback signal to run the compressor

In order to keep running compressor continue, a feedback signal is used. Feedback signal is produced when pressure under pressure vessel will fall below the desired limit and this signal will be received by received and will be sent further on de-coder to de-code the signal.

Brief notes

After study about the solar panel we have concluded that solar system is the best environmentally friendly energy sources.

We have also discuss the material for producing solar cells, criteria for selection of required materials, process to produce solar panel , wiring diagram for solar panel, we have also discuss how to determine the analytically power production from solar panel.

After discussing every point regarding solar panel we have concluded that solar energy will be the best alternative to produce required power to drive the mechanical system to run the compressor and to store the air in pressure vessel.

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