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Cooling and heating equipment selection

Selection of suitable heating and cooling equipment play a vital role in HVAC system. If we select the correct heating and cooling equipment then we may secure following benefit as mentioned below.
  1. Initial costing will be reduced
  2. Human comfort will be improved
  3. Efficiency of operation will be improved 
  4. Utility costing will be reduced
  5. Maintenance costing will be reduced

Normally HVAC designer focus on the correct size and capacity of cooling and heating equipment's as higher capacity equipment will not provide all time better efficiency.
Over size equipment will have following drawback as mentioned below
  1. Initial costing will be High
  2. Costing of operation will be high
  3. Utility costing will be high
  4. Maintenance costing will be high
  5. Less effective as compared to correct designed system
Procedure to select a suitable cooling equipment selection is provided in following figure
As we know that design of HVAC system depends over the degree of air cleanliness. 

HVAC components

let us consider the best HVAC components

1. Fans
2. Filters
3. Driers
4. Ducts
5. Grilles

HVAC Main subsystem

Let us think what types HVAC components , we may use

HVAC components , those we may use , depends on requirement

1. Filters
2. Fans
3. Frost coils
4. Driers
5. Snow eliminators
6. Dust eliminators
7. Pre coiling coils
8. Moisture eliminators
9. Diffusers

 Position of filters

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