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Hockey skates are normally used by hockey players to play hockey game of ice-hockey

Basics components of Hockey Skate

We may understand the basic components of a hockey skate 

Toe Cap

Used for safety purpose for toe, it is also termed as toe – guard

Ankle Padding

Ankle padding is used to make of memory foam and it permits uppers to mould with the shape of foot.

Ankle support

Ankle support is very important to avoid the problem of sprained ankle and similar type of injuries.

Protective tongue

Protective tongue plays a very important role in supporting the top of foot.

Heal cup

Heal cup is constructed in such a way that it helps safely the foot inside the hockey skate

Material selection

Material selection for any product is very critical step as overall performance of that product depends on raw material used.
Following raw materials are used in manufacturing the hockey skate
  1. Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), Polyurethane, liquid silicone or gel
  2. Molded plastic material for construction of holder
  3. Kangaroo leather
  4. Steel is used to make runner.
  5. Carbon rubber for hard type & blown rubber for softer type.
  6. Anti-microbial hydrophobic liner.
  7. Synthetic material for example nylon- weave along with plastic- slabs or artificial suede, Cloth for lasses, plastic eyelets.

Issues that must be considered during the selection of materials

  1. Comfort ability, availability & costing of materials
  2. Heat & moisture resistant capability (if customer demand)
  3. Material should have good tensile strength with light weight
  4. Resistance against chemical should be high
  5. There should be good stability in respect of dimensions & good toughness also
  6. Electrical & thermal conductivity should be low

Alternative materials

Even we do not prefer alternative but due to some reason such as costing or availability we can select some other material that suited our requirement. We may understand alternative material for some basic component as mentioned follow
  1. Kevlar might be used in place of leather as it is about ten times more stronger as compared to leather
  2. Knit nylon and viscous plastic might be used for holder

Manufacturing process

Before going to design phase, designers observe following terms in order to provide the best design for running shoe
  1. Movement of foot & limb
  2. Position of foot during impact ,Friction pattern, Impact forces and pressure points
In following curve of force vs. time we may see, how force exerted over various components of running shoe during running.

This curve provides the information about acting force on foot with respect to time.
Manufacturing process of Hockey skate is very precise & labor intensive. Every step during manufacturing process requires a lot of skill & precise manner ability.

There are following process to manufacture a hockey skate

  1. Boot Segment cutting: Nylon or leather is inserted into a shearing/cutting M/C that will provide 8 standardized pieces. Out of 8, there will be 4 for boot lining & 4 for boot upper. Same machinery will be used to cut pieces for the sole, tongue, heel, & reinforcement sections. These pieces will be punched mechanically with a date code, order number, size & holes for eyelet.
  2. Constructing the upper: These lining pieces will be stitched with each other at the back & toe seams. The upper pieces are stitched together in the same manner. 
  3. Shaping the boot
  4. Drying and setting
    Preparation and attachment of sole
  5. Attaching the sole 
  6. Attaching the blade
  7. Finishing and polishing

Reason for failure

  1. Heal cup is not properly designed
  2. Toe-guard is not properly designed
  3. Stiffness play important role in estimating actual life of hockey skate

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