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In this my blog, we will have to study and analyze the complete range of sources for renewable energy and its requirement for current economic situation globally. In this subject we will have to study about the power from various resources for renewable energy for example wind, sun, water, Biomass and other energy from wastes.

Except tidal and geothermal energy, all other form of sources for renewable energies will be secured by sunlight. Let us take an example the creation of wind. Surface of earth will not be heated evenly by Solar heating and thus it will cause the wind.

Water cycle is also related with sunlight and this water will be collected for generating electricity with the help of hydro-power unit. Bio fuels are also grown –up with the help of sunlight.

Tides are produces due to the gravitational pull in between moon and sun.

Geothermal energies are also considered as renewable source of energies as geothermal energies are produced due to radioactive –decay in the core of earth.

Renewable energy resources are those types of resources for energy that could not be run out. In actual there are two categories of resources for energy production.

Renewable energy resources 

These types’ resources exist in nature and could not be finish because these types of resources are replenished continuously with the help of natural- process.

Non Renewable energy resources

These types of energy resources are concerned with such resources those are in finite quantity and will require a lot of time to form and could be run out in few days.

Let us divide above resources in Renewable energy resources and Non renewable energy resources on the basis of concept that we have studied above.

Renewable energy resources

  1. Wind
  2. Sun
  3. Biomass
  4. Water
  5. Natural Gas

Above mentioned resources will be available in nature and could not be made via any techniques. Renewable energy resources are, hence, called as green energy resources because these resources are environmental friendly also.

Non Renewable energy resources

While if we consider other resources, as mentioned in figure, are not available in nature but also they will be made by some process and will be run out in few days. Non renewable energy resources are not environmental friendly.

Let us think that why we called as “Renewable energy”. We must understand the meaning of saying renewable energy and once we will look the below mentioned three point, we will come to know the meaning of “Renewable energy”.

When source of energy could not be run out as in case of Sun. 
When sources of energy are not responsible to produce compounds of carbon. 
When sources of energy are environmental friendly. 
When sources of energy are available naturally.

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