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When I have entered in my industrial life, I have observed that approximate every machine is dependent on hydraulic system. I was very interested to gain knowledge about the hydraulic function and maintenance of hydraulic system. 

As we know that any type of liquid might be used for transmitting pressure energy. But when we consider hydraulic system, there must be some special properties those are required for desired fluid for hydraulic system. 

If we consider water for hydraulic system, it will be dangerous for our system because water will yield lot of problems such as corrosion, boiling point, Lower viscosity and freezing point. 

Hydraulic fluid must have lower inflammability and this characteristic is very important for hydraulic system. Because, i have observed such hydraulic system working areas where there were lot of fire risk factor and i want to mention some of those areas that i have observed as high risk of fire for hydraulic system.

1. Continuous casting machine 
2. Die casting machine 
3. Forging presses
4. Control units for turbines for power station 
5. Steel melting unit 
6. Rolling mill
7. Pellet units 
8. Blast furnaces 

Task of Hydraulic Fluids 

There are following tasks that must be carried out by our hydraulic system

1. Pressure transfer,
2. Lubrication of the rotating parts of equipment,
3. Cooling, i.e. removal of heat which is produced due to conversion of energy or because of losses of pressure
4. Cushioning of oscillations caused by pressure jerks,
5. Protection against corrosion
6. Removal of scuff
7. Signal transmission

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