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In this blog, I will try to make you clear about the maintenance of electric overhead travelling crane. Once you will study my this blog, you will be aware about the complete maintenance of electric overhead travelling crane , how we will move to understand the E.O.T Crane.
  1. What is E.O.T crane: overview?
  2. Selection of over head travelling crane
  3. Type of E.O.T crane
  4. Application area of E.O.T crane
  5. Basic parts or components of E.O.T crane
  6. How to specify an E.O.T crane
  7. Important crane terminology
  8. Maintenance of various components
  9. Maintenance frequency
Now we will understand each section from first to last one.

What is E.O.T crane?: Overview

E.O.T Cranes are such machines those are basically used for transporting materials from one location to another location in workshop, construction sites, assembly lines, process industries, storage areas and power stations.

Their design characteristic of E.O.T crane depends widely over the major operational features as we have mentioned here ,

Type of motion of E.O.T crane, Environmental conditions, Type of load, Geometric features, location of crane and operating regimes.

Selection of electric overhead travelling crane

We must understand about the various factors that must be analyzed before going for selecting one suitable electric overhead travelling crane.
  1. What type of specifications is required?
  2. What type of local regulations and codes are required?
  3. Capacity of crane?
  4. Desired span?
  5. Desired lift?
  6. Duty cycle or utilization frequency of crane?
  7. What should be the weight of hoist?
  8. Numbers of hoisting unit
  9. Required hook approach?
  10. Desired length of Runway system?
  11. Desired Factors to be discussed before designing of building structure and runway?
  12. Environmental condition?
  13. Required speed of long travel?
  14. Required speed of CT travel?
  15. Control system?
  16. Supply voltage and phase?
  17. How many already cranes are available on same track?
  18. What types of safety consideration are required?
  19. Crane must be designed for providing easy maintenance activities

Classification of E.O.T crane

Before going in detail analysis, we must understand how many types of EOT cranes are commonly used in industries.
  1. Single Girder cranes
  2. Double girder cranes
  3. Gantry cranes
  4. Monorail

Single Girder crane Vs Double girder crane

I have one confusion that which one is more durable single girder or double girder , I have searched and studied finally I came to know that both type of E.O.T cranes are same durable rigid and strong. Single girder crane uses much stronger girder as compared to double girder crane.

We must note down that there is one difference between single girder and double girder crane and it is the lifting capability as double girder crane will have good lifting height and single girder crane will have lower lifting height.

Single girder costing will be lower as compared to double girder cost in every aspects weather building cost or erection and commissioning cost.

But if we are going higher capacity for example more than 15 Ton or if span is also more than 30 meter, we will prefer double girder crane.

Single Girder Crane: Overview

Single girder crane could only be taken in operation if we have following conditions as mentioned below.
  • Lifting capacity: 15 to 50 Feet
  • Maximum Span: 20 to 50 Feet
  • Lifting capacity: 1 to 15 Ton
  • Long Travel speed: 200 fpm
  • Cross travel speed: 100 fpm
  • Hoisting speed: 10 to 60 fpm

Double Girder Crane: Overview

Single girder crane could only be taken in operation if we have following conditions as mentioned below.
  • Lifting capacity: 15 to 50 Feet
  • Maximum Span: 20 to 80 Feet
  • Lifting capacity: 5 to 100 Ton
  • Long Travel speed: 350 fpm
  • Cross travel speed: 150 fpm
  • Hoisting speed:60 fpm

In our next post we will move ahead in E.O.T crane for considering various components and their function as well as maintenance also.

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